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Breaking the Habit of Busy - Where ever you are be all there - dare to live a slower more intentional life one baby step at a time!

Health living is more that just eating right it is a mind, body, spirit thing! This blog is written for you- I want to help you live the life God intended, feel great, and help others do the same. Let’s get started-


8 Simple Ways How to Love Your Home

Embracing Your Call to Motherhood

A Well Planned Day; 24hours to Live Purposefully 

What I Am Reading with My Kids



5 Reasons to Use Goats Milk Soap and Where I Buy Mine

Homemade Elderberry Syrup {free printable recipe}

How We Grocery Shop Once a Month

5 Tips, 70 Meals, 10 Weeks, 1 Years Worth of Meal Plans

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Processed Food
13 Processed Food Facts

Nightshade Intolerance
What is Nightshade Intolerance?

Finding Your Purpose and Chasing Your Dreams – Come here to revive your spirit or breathe a breath of fresh air when the rest of your world seems a bit crazy. 

Homesteaders Call to Action

Big Dreams, Big Changes, Big Challenges

Learn How to Read a Label

6 Ways to Teach Kids How to Pray

40 Things to Give Up or Give Forward During Lent

How to Plan, Persevere, and Pursue Your Passion

4 Ways to Reclaim Your Day

Accepting Failure; Take Action Anyways

Permission To Be Different 

Reviving Faith When Religion Fails

Nocturnal Notes of Thanks

Permission To Rest

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