Reviving Faith When Religion Fails

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The Easter season is upon us. It is truly one of my favorite times of the year. The rising of Christ to the beginning signs of Spring; but first I’m going to confession and taking you in with me.

Over the past 10 years, I have been on somewhat of a religious mission. I have attended countless Catholic and Christian Churches, searched for answers, prayed for direction, a deeper understanding, and have been in search of truths. All the while I never lost hope that I would one day find what I was searching for. This journey has been hard, confusing, and a bit disheartening at times. 

I was raised going to Catholic masses and attended church weekly. I served on countless committees, did mission trips, and have always been an active part in the church. How did I fall so far off the beaten path? How did leadership fail me and community disappoint? How is it I knew so little about my faith? 

  * Stay tune as I am busy working behind the scenes as I prepare to share this journey with all of you and how I have in fact found the missing “peace” I was in search of. 

Do you attend church regularly? Have you changed religions since having a family of your own? Has community failed  you and leadership fallen short of your expectations? Do you feel lost, confused, or unsettled?

You are not alone and if you know someone who is struggling with a similar situation please share this with them. Together we will begin to revive faith, build bridges, and find the freedom that can set you free.  
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