A Well Planned Day; 24 Hrs to Live Purposefully

If you are anything like myself, you love schedules, routines, and structure. I work best when I know everything has a place and a time to be accomplished. If that is the case you might also be a bit curious at times as to what other peoples schedules look like. 

Or maybe, you are the complete opposite and can fly by the seat of your pants and change plans at the drop of a hat. If that is you please contact me, I would love a lesson or two from you on how to roll with the punches a bit more. 

I can remember a time long before I had kids of my own; I was babysitting a family, who coincidentally home-schooled.  I, a traditional schooled child found myself ever so inquisitive as to just how this family made it all work. Where did they do school? How long did it take? How do they “do” school and live their life? What do their meals look like? I wanted to know everything. I was intrigued and OK a bit nosy. Ha, there I said it. 

When peoples lives differ from our own it’s only natural to want to learn more. My fascination of schedules and/or routines runs deep and getting a behind the scenes look of how others “do it” provides a window into their life that we wouldn’t otherwise have.

Ironically 16+ years later here I am being asked these same questions. I am now the one answering “how we do it“. Rest assured there is no “right” or “perfect” schedule or method to getting things done. I certainly don’t have all the answers nor do I have it all together. However, if have learned anything over the years it is despite my instinct to plan every minute of my day leaving room for the unseen is among the most important. 

If you are feeling unproductive in your day, not accomplishing your goals, and feeling stressed a schedule or routine that makes room for those things might be just what you need. If you have a schedule and still are stressed, unproductive, and defeated at the days end then let me encourage you to revamp it. 

– Make a list of all that you do in a day. Over the next 2-3 days write down all that you do every 30 minutes. (Meal prep, school, laundry, etc.) I know this sounds daunting but, trust me you will thank me later. 

– Now, write down all like or similar activities together and put them in order of how you would like them accomplished. (Example: take shower, blow dry hair, and apply make up would become one; a  “morning routine“) You are not writing your activities in a given time slot. You are simply making a list; a routine of sorts. You are not bound by time but rather, the tasks at hand that need be accomplished. 

Here is an example of my typical morning;

Morning routine (shower, pray, read/write)…someday when I sleep more than 4hrs at night this time slot will include work out.
Breakfast (eat and feed the little ones)
Morning maintenance  (get dressed, make beds,  brush teeth, etc.)
Start school

– Now, write out the 24 hours in your day again in 30 minute increments. Or go HERE and print your free worksheet already to go for you. 

– You will now, fill in the time slots with the general things that need to get done and their allotted time slot. This is not binding you to these times but simply bringing awareness of what needs to get done in what time is available to you; 24 hours.
12:00AM sleep
12:30AM sleep
(No brainer, right?!)

You might be amazed at just how much you try to cram into your 24hrs and it is only when you write it out that you can gain a clear picture as to where or what might need to go. Staying focused on our priorities can help us better plan a purpose filled day. Don’t bog down your schedule with things that are not helping you accomplish your goals; let go of those things and “say no“. 

A schedule or routine is not something that will forever remain unchanged. It is constantly evolving and in need of evaluation. Do only what works for you and you alone. We are all guilty of making comparisons. I assure you no man has it all together and no man can do it all. That includes you and I despite how we may make it appear. 

It is only with a little planning, a rough outlined schedule, and through Gods wisdom we can begin to really do His work and focus on the things that really matter.

And for those of you who are dying to know what a “typical day in the life of myhappyhomestead.com” looks like CLICK HERE (go ahead… I would be curious too)

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