One Word 365

This year you will not find any New Years resolution lists for this momma. I know, that is shocking for this type A gal.


There will be no failed attempts at trying to make this year “right” or “perfect”. As each year is unique in its own way. The gifts counted are plentiful we need only look for them when the road gets rocky.

There will not be any weight loss/ work out goals made. (Gasp)!

There WILL however, be one little word that walks with me through these 365 days. “Focus”

This will be the year I knowingly choose to remain focused on the very things that are important to me. There will be more “No’s” uttered and “I’m sorry I can’t” which will be hard as a life long “yes-itis” sufferer. I know it will take a constant commitment and some struggle to keep true to my word “Focus”. I know the benefits will far out weigh the losses. I know the pain from saying “no” to some will bring forth much joy to others.

This word to me is much more than 5 letters it will set the foundation for who I want to be, whom I want to go with, and where I am heading.

The days are long and the years are fast. Do you have a plan? Where are you heading? Whom do you want to go with?

My faith in God will be my leader and my family will be my company. I intend to go places and hope you will be joining me down this dirt road …

Join me this year #365focus there will be plenty going on here you won’t want to miss!

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