The Power of Saying NO

In my last post we started the journey of “discovering you” but part of this process and probably the most uncomfortable for myself is; saying “no“.

There is nothing I dread more than admitting to myself that I can’t do something or that it might not be the “right time“. It is as if there is a constant fear of letting  someone else down. Nothing can leave a pit in the middle of my stomach quite the same as saying “no“. 

Although trying to uncover Gods purpose for you, finding your passions, discovering your desires, and digging up dreams can be super exciting, there is certainly some dirty work along the way. To me, “dirty work” is saying “no”!. It’s digging deep, evaluating, and extracting those things that are not in line with our main priorities. 

Saying “no” might even mean saying “no” to things that are good; signing up for that new moms group, the latest book club, or even a new job opportunity. Yes, I actually turned down a chance to make a little extra money earlier this year. It was a cleaning job. Although, I desperately wanted to say “yes” and earn a few extra dollars I knew that saying “no” was the right choice. It was terribly hard, but in the end the relief of saying “no”was glorious and I had a little extra “saying no power boost” in my step. 

So, if you are like myself and saying “no” is hard for you to do, you might want to re-visit “embracing your call..” . Take a moment to reflect on where you are going and with whom? Common sense will tell you that if the stepping stone is going to hinder rather than help the process, it would be best to step aside and let someone else walk that road. We are, after all, modeling to our children the importance of making good choices, self independence, and the importance of family first. 

Make your family a priority and don’t just give them the left overs. (tweet that) Who really likes left overs anyways?

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