Tea Tree Oil and 10+ Uses For It

Essential oils have become quite the craze these days. It seems like every where I turn someone is buying them, using them, or researching them for a whole slew of things. I personally use them- not on a regular basis- and, no particular brand. However, one essential oil that I have used for quite sometime is tea tree oil. I probably love it just as much as I do coconut oil. Well, maybe not that much but a really close second. Tea tree oil is inexpensive, versatile, and convenient- who knows you might just learn something new in this post. 

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What is tea tree oil anyways?

Tea Tree Oil, is also known as Melaleuca alternifoliais- it is not something new, in fact it has been around for quite sometime- however, its many uses and benefits are just now becoming widely known to the general public. The oil itself is extracted from a plant native to Australia. 

Tea tree oil should never be ingested and should only be used a topically. When you think of tea tree oil think along the lines of skin, healing, antiseptic, and anti-fungal properties. 


10+ Uses for tea tree Oil

Cloth Diapers-
A few drops added to a load of dirty cloth diapers will help eliminate odors and help fight bacterial growth. This was in fact my first introduction to tea tree oil and remains one of my most common uses for it.

All Purpose Cleaner-
1 New or unused clean spray bottle
1-2 tsp of tea tree oil
and the rest water
Spray on counters, toilets, and most any hard surface for a natural disinfectant. You might want to try in a small area to test and make sure it will not ruin the surface- do no use on wood surfaces. 

Stop Bugging Me 
It is gentle enough to use directly on your skin as a natural bug repellant and as an anti-itching remedy

Skin Tag Removal
Using a Q-tip apply a small amount on a skin tag 2-3 times a day- when my son was just under a year old a tea tree oil solution was used to help treat his molescum. 

Breath Easy
A few drops added to a pot of boiling water or a humidifier can help you breathe better- relieving asthma, allergy, and other cold virus breathing conditions. 

Ear Ache 
Mixing a solution of 1 drop tea tree oil and 1 tsp. olive oil- I like to soak a cotton ball and insert in the ear until the pain is gone. *

Air Freshener/ Eliminate Odors
Remember that all purpose cleaner above- using that same solution you can spray carpets and pet beds for a fresh clean scent- bonus in the pet beds it will help keep fleas away. 

Treat Acne
Are you suffering from an annoying acne outbreak- try dabbing those pesky pimples with a bit of tea tree oil.

Hair and scalp treatment
Add a few drops to your shampoo bottle to help break down product build up- and leave your hair shiny clean without the access residue most shampoos can leave behind. 

Pest Control
House hold pests including ants dislike tea tree oil- a few drops at the point of entry will deter the little stinkers from invading your space.

Do you use essential oils? Do you use tea tree oil; what for?

*Remember I am not a medical doctor nor would I ever claim to be one- with any and all medical advice I recommend speaking with your own medical doctor or vet first and foremost. I simply share my own personal experiences with such things and will never give individual medical advise. 

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