Five minute Friday; rhythm

So better late than never…it is Friday you know where you hop over to the awesome Lisa-Jo Bakers sight and look for today’s prompt. There are only 2 rules; you can only write for 5 minutes and you must show some blog love and comment on the persons post that linked before you. That’s it! There is no editing, perfecting, or spell check going on it is just the real deal stemmed from one little word. Join in the #FMFPARTY

Today’s word; Rhythm


The song and dance of life creates a rhythm so sweet sometimes it’s as if we are undeserving.  The gifts we are blessed with. The love that we are given. The undeserving grace, constant forgiveness, and the endless opportunities to better ourselves. Behind every closed door God is there waiting for you to open another. While the rhythm of life flows like a river it is not always thought of as glorious. There are those times the rhythm of life is so crazy, fast it’s as if a storm is waiting to push us down. Those rhythms which leave us unstable are not HIM! They are lies it is hard; we are pushed  beyond our limits. We want to quit: we want to give up, stop moving, and stand still. We are called to a halt; a halt of movement. We are left to reevaluate. Where are we going? How are we getting there? We must lean on faith and faith alone to get moving again. What is our purpose.

The rhythm of  life is not something we are in constant awareness but we are called to keep the rhythm going. Keep the song and dance of life alive and keep it running smoothly. Spreading messages of love, laughter, hope, and courage. Despite the halting road blocks that are thrown our way. We will find the joy in the small things to keep moving forward.
I pray my sweet friends that you are not stopped by any storms. There are no storms to big or to small that deserve your song and dance to stop. Your rhythm of life may need altering here and there. You may need to prioritize, restructure, and rely on hope. However, don’t let the storms stop you! You are not alone! 
Hold strong the ‘crazy’ dances are temporary and as are the songs of ‘peace’. It is a constant eb and flow of life.
The ups and downs the rhythm keeps us moving to where we are going. Keep your life in check… and dance to the music of life!

Featuring My Little Boo!

I try very hard to “feature” one of the kids once in awhile and I’m sure it is past due for our little Boo!! She is our busy little bee, a lovable kid, with a comedian like personality. She is a tiny little peanut and full of spunk! She has been that way since birth. Undoubtedly that little personality she was born with will surely carry her onto many great things in her future.

 Boo has been busy learning her ABC, counting, shapes, and colors! She has taken a real liking to coloring lately. Amazingly enough my busy little bee sits quite still for “school”. I love watching her learn!

“Wee” have also taken a liking to music. This girl will sing her heart out…it brings tears to my eyes everyday! So sweet and innocent!

For St. Patrick’s day our sensory bin was filled with green and white flower petals, tissue paper, shamrocks, and other small manipulative type toys. Both girls have enjoyed “making cole slaw” with this bin.

 “Wee” have also been playing a lot with our “pom-pom magnets”
To make your own; you will need pom-poms in assorted colors, circle magnets, and hot glue! Voila!!
Simply hot glue the magnet on the bottom of the pom-pom and get ready for hours of enjoyment.
For fun Pom-pom printable sheets go HERE

Place your printable on a metal cookie sheet and let your little one enjoy placing the colored pom pom magnets on the circles. 

 The weather was nice (WAS, being the key word here for a bit!) it has since gone back to the 30’s (brrrr…) during the great “warm up” we played bubbles, chalk, and went on MANY walks! There is nothing like when the weather breaks and getting outside with my kids. I love it!

Boo’s favorite place in is the kitchen. She is destine to be a chef! She loves to cook and eat!! During the winter months Wednesday is her favorite day when Door to Door Organics comes to our home. She ALWAYS helps unload the farm food. During the summer she loves when we pick up our CSA box to see what we got from the farm. This little girl would be one hard worker if we did in fact live on a farm. Sorry Boo, the raspberries behind the garage will have to do for now :)!!!


And lastly, most days you can catch this little wiggle worm dancing to most any beat! She is a country girl at heart…but “turn it up” and “I like it loud” are her two favorite phrases!! God love that girl…you bring a smile to mommy’s face everyday! Yes, even when you are having a fit….you are still darn cute “My Little Boo”!! Mommy Loves You!!

Welcome Home Daddy!!

Welcome Home from Germany Daddy!!

Thank you for all the yummy “German chocolate treats”. I saw all of this candy sitting on our counter, and could not resist the photo opportunity. I know one thing is for sure, our Daddy knows how to win his little girls over!! Chocolate!! The way to any girls heart…well, maybe not any girl….but certainly my little girls!!

Daddy’s Girls!
Pumpkin and Daddy before the Daddy Daughter dance for AHG!!
O.K. I will leave you with one final picture and likely the theme of our weekend!! Chocolate!!
Life is short….why not enjoy the good stuff!!