Dirt Road Diary; 12 Country Living Lessons

%22I wouldn't give a nickel to have it paved in gold. Everything I Love is at the end of the dirt road.%22

One month post our move and 99% of the time I’m still waiting for someone to wake me up from my dream. However, I don’t want you all to think it’s been without a few learning curves – so here is what ‘4 Weeks of Country Living Has Taught Me’

Dirty Road Diary Style; 12 Country Living Lessons

(in no particular order)

  1. Dirt is the new “cool” – my kids have never been dirtier and, I have never cared less. Hahaha, ok maybe I’ve cared a bit. Truth, country living is dirty – clean boots, coats, and clothes are a thing of the past.

Dirt Road Diary;

2) Music bee’s lungs work just fine – just ask the neighbors if they heard her when she saw her first Gardner snake in the woods.

3) Bugs, bugs, and more bugs!!! My house is infested with ladybugs and I’ve already killed 15 Mosquitos, a few spiders, and several moth thingies (yes, that’s what they are called)

4) Raccoons can climb really high: and, when you move your bird feeder they might just get mad and poop on your balcony.

5) Rainboots are a necessity. Did I mention it’s dirty? Thanks you Jesus for our mudroom!

 Childhood Unplugged; Country Living Lessons

6) Deer are such peaceful animals.

7) Real fireplaces take me back to my childhood. They are just so dreamy and magical.


8) Chickens are super cool little creatures – and, I might just become the next crazy chicken lady. I love them!


9) Well water isn’t actually scary at all and surprisingly tastes pretty good. Not to mention it makes your hair super soft (ummm..bonus!)

10) Going to ‘town’ still sounds totally strange to me but, is super fun! 1 grocery store, a few gas stations, a subway, a frozen custard place, a thrift store, and well, of coarse Tractor Supply – what else do you need?

11) And, the number one thing living in the country has taught me in 4 weeks – I hate leaving home!

12) Home is where the heart is –

“I wouldn’t give a nickel to have it paved in gold. Everything I Love is at the end of the dirt road.”

Five minute Friday; rhythm

So better late than never…it is Friday you know where you hop over to the awesome Lisa-Jo Bakers sight and look for today’s prompt. There are only 2 rules; you can only write for 5 minutes and you must show some blog love and comment on the persons post that linked before you. That’s it! There is no editing, perfecting, or spell check going on it is just the real deal stemmed from one little word. Join in the #FMFPARTY

Today’s word; Rhythm


The song and dance of life creates a rhythm so sweet sometimes it’s as if we are undeserving.  The gifts we are blessed with. The love that we are given. The undeserving grace, constant forgiveness, and the endless opportunities to better ourselves. Behind every closed door God is there waiting for you to open another. While the rhythm of life flows like a river it is not always thought of as glorious. There are those times the rhythm of life is so crazy, fast it’s as if a storm is waiting to push us down. Those rhythms which leave us unstable are not HIM! They are lies it is hard; we are pushed  beyond our limits. We want to quit: we want to give up, stop moving, and stand still. We are called to a halt; a halt of movement. We are left to reevaluate. Where are we going? How are we getting there? We must lean on faith and faith alone to get moving again. What is our purpose.

The rhythm of  life is not something we are in constant awareness but we are called to keep the rhythm going. Keep the song and dance of life alive and keep it running smoothly. Spreading messages of love, laughter, hope, and courage. Despite the halting road blocks that are thrown our way. We will find the joy in the small things to keep moving forward.
I pray my sweet friends that you are not stopped by any storms. There are no storms to big or to small that deserve your song and dance to stop. Your rhythm of life may need altering here and there. You may need to prioritize, restructure, and rely on hope. However, don’t let the storms stop you! You are not alone! 
Hold strong the ‘crazy’ dances are temporary and as are the songs of ‘peace’. It is a constant eb and flow of life.
The ups and downs the rhythm keeps us moving to where we are going. Keep your life in check… and dance to the music of life!

Bowling Lesson Learned!

We recently took the kids bowling …this was Boo’s first time ever!!  Thanks to the “kiddie ramp” she did quite well. I do not remember those things when we were kids. I remember potty shots and jumping around like a frog just hoping my ball didn’t get stuck. Also the bumpers have come a long way too…no more big balloon type things the owner drags across the lane. These babies were long poles…controlled electronically. I guess some modern changes are for the better after all!!

Santa brought the family a Wii this year for Christmas so “real” bowling was a bit of a challenge for Pumpkin. Being a big 5 year old she certainly did not want to be seen using  a baby ramp!! Therefore, making the game a bit more difficult. At times, I just prayed the ball would make it down the lane (probably what my Mom used to do!).

We only played one game, but I was happy both girls were able to complete it in its entirety; scoring in the 80’s not bad!! Pumpkin pouted the entire way home because she did not get any spares or strikes!! She is used to scoring in the 100-200’s on the Wii with strikes being a regular in her game. Hmmm…thank you technology…

Boo and Daddy

Luckily, we were able to move forward and of coarse use this as a teaching lesson!! The girls tried their hardest, accomplished a goal (playing an entire game), it doesn’t matter who “wins”, and just be proud of yourself (Mommy and Daddy were proud too!).

So I leave you with the thought is modern technology helpful or hurtful? I like to think both!!