Yes, it is still summer but the learning never ends in our home! We have had little tv or video game time in our home. The imaginations have been running wild and the kids have been just that “kids”!! 
Exploring, Learning, and Growing!!

 K.Bear has been enjoying her “sensory time”. Moon sand is certainly one of her favorites. She loves to “cook/bake up” all kinds of goodies for the family.

 K.Bear also has a new found love of workbooks. She LOVES them! She will sit and do school for hours if I let her. For such a little ball of energy she really can “focus” when she needs to. She is certainly a “down to business” kind of kid. She likes order, structure, and definitely routine. Let’s just say she makes me a better mom. Keeping me on my toes and “focused” on what “must be done and when” at all times of the day.

 Her coloring skills have developed greatly over the summer. Although, she tries to pretend she doesn’t know her colors she really does. She is not only the “order” in our home she is also still the family comedian!

 And….here he is Mr. Smiles concentrating on his “work”! That’s right, he is now old enough for school in our home too. Welcome aboard….little man!

 I might mention that these pictures were taken before he started eating the crayon and I proceeded to throw it in the trash. Red crayon squashed in between 6 baby teeth…yuck!

 Now, you may have noticed that there was not much about our little Pumpkin! She too has been busy at work (believe me) “summer school”, horse back riding, swimming, and working on her American Heritage Girl summer goals. Which bring me to my introduction of…..”Pumpkins Adventures…” she will now have her own blog! Displaying all of her latest and greatest accomplishments as she continues to become a beautiful young lady through serving God, cherishing her family, serving in her community and honoring our country. 

Pumpkin has grown up so much over the past few months…it is wonderful to see her branch off. All the while…she is still and will always be “our little Pumpkin”. Here she surprised me and prepared her own bowl of cereal  in the morning….thanks, for being such a big helper!

Lion Lesson

 “Wee” have been exploring weather patterns and what better time of year to do that? The month of March!! In like a “lion out like a lamb” boy…I can only hope the next couple days bring some “lamb like weather” it is darn chilly these days!

To go along with our “lion like weather” we made paper plate lions. Boo enjoyed squeezing the glue in her little cup and placing the tissue paper squares carefully around the outer edge of the plate.

While, Pumpkin started from the inner most part of the circle and worked her way to the edge. Pumpkin also was not a fan of using the yellow and the orange together…..she would have much preferred only using one color for the lions mane.

Some google eyes, a triangle shaped nose, a smile, and a “roarrrrr” these little lions were perfect for a quick and easy craft for my little guys!

We also took some time to learn about lions HERE
For a fun coloring page
Don’t forget to write a “letter to the lions” great writing assignment (wink, wink)

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Featuring My Little Boo!

I try very hard to “feature” one of the kids once in awhile and I’m sure it is past due for our little Boo!! She is our busy little bee, a lovable kid, with a comedian like personality. She is a tiny little peanut and full of spunk! She has been that way since birth. Undoubtedly that little personality she was born with will surely carry her onto many great things in her future.

 Boo has been busy learning her ABC, counting, shapes, and colors! She has taken a real liking to coloring lately. Amazingly enough my busy little bee sits quite still for “school”. I love watching her learn!

“Wee” have also taken a liking to music. This girl will sing her heart out…it brings tears to my eyes everyday! So sweet and innocent!

For St. Patrick’s day our sensory bin was filled with green and white flower petals, tissue paper, shamrocks, and other small manipulative type toys. Both girls have enjoyed “making cole slaw” with this bin.

 “Wee” have also been playing a lot with our “pom-pom magnets”
To make your own; you will need pom-poms in assorted colors, circle magnets, and hot glue! Voila!!
Simply hot glue the magnet on the bottom of the pom-pom and get ready for hours of enjoyment.
For fun Pom-pom printable sheets go HERE

Place your printable on a metal cookie sheet and let your little one enjoy placing the colored pom pom magnets on the circles. 

 The weather was nice (WAS, being the key word here for a bit!) it has since gone back to the 30’s (brrrr…) during the great “warm up” we played bubbles, chalk, and went on MANY walks! There is nothing like when the weather breaks and getting outside with my kids. I love it!

Boo’s favorite place in is the kitchen. She is destine to be a chef! She loves to cook and eat!! During the winter months Wednesday is her favorite day when Door to Door Organics comes to our home. She ALWAYS helps unload the farm food. During the summer she loves when we pick up our CSA box to see what we got from the farm. This little girl would be one hard worker if we did in fact live on a farm. Sorry Boo, the raspberries behind the garage will have to do for now :)!!!


And lastly, most days you can catch this little wiggle worm dancing to most any beat! She is a country girl at heart…but “turn it up” and “I like it loud” are her two favorite phrases!! God love that girl…you bring a smile to mommy’s face everyday! Yes, even when you are having a fit….you are still darn cute “My Little Boo”!! Mommy Loves You!!