Nocturnal Notes of Thanks

Do you know when most of my post are written? Answer between 2-4 AM. The truth is 4/4 of my children have been terrible sleepers.  

Pumpkin was a case of “mommy didn’t know what she was doing”. I created bad habits and then worse habits (yes, she would eat waffles in the middle of the night..I’ll get into that another day.)
 Kbear was my little night tantrum blessing. Mr. Smiles just liked his mommy time and looking back he was probably my best sleeper. 
Now, 14 months and going strong there’s Scooter (aka Stinker) he was born with a recently diagnosed enlarged adenoid. It affects his breathing, congestion, and sleep in the worst way. Yes, I spend many nights sleeping/sitting vertically holding him so he can breath. Now, that we have a diagnosis he will be having an adenoidectomy to correct this and Lord willing sleep will be in my future. 
I share this not for you to have pity for me (please don’t) as God has sustained me these past 8 years. No, I’m not super human and don’t require sleep but what has been needed in the way of rest He sees I get. It might look like only a 10 minute nap but the show must go on. More importantly over the years I have used these “extra” hours to pray, reflect, write, and give thanks. God speaks when it is quiet and still; something, my house is not usually with four kids 8 and under. He has used the night to keep me anchored. 
Here are some of my nocturnal notes of thanks;
1.Extra cuddles in the night
2.Moon lit rooms
3.Cozy pjs
4.Warm blankets 
5.Pillows to rest a weary head
6.Medical professionals who aid in the art of health/well being 
7.A mothers milk- providing nourishment to my babies for 13+ months (x4) 
8.Sound machines to block the noise of other siblings in the night 
9.A starter house turned family home (because God knows what is good for my family) 
Where do you carve out rest in your day? 

Mr.Smiles 3rd Birthday

It is hard to believe that Mr.Smiles is ‘3’ today!  
Mr.Smiles is still such a joy. He has great personality and a super disposition. He is always jumping at the opportunity to make someone laugh or put a smile on their face; a ‘ham it up’ kind of kid. He is super affectionate; full of butterfly kisses, nose rubs, squeezes, and cuddles. He loves to be in the kitchen with mommy (he even helped make his gluten free/dairy free butter cream cupcakes). Most days he is obsessing over the garbage man, trains, fire trucks, or horses. His imagination is out of this world. A creative style with a punch of spunk. I have no doubt Mr. Smiles future is bright and that God has great plans for my sweet little boy!  I am so blessed to be his mom and watch all his ‘dreams’ unravel before our very eyes.
Happy, happy birthday to my favorite ‘3’ year old!! Love you to the moon and back buddy!

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Mystery trip

Growing up as kids my parents would frequently take us on what was known as a family “Mystery Trip” my sister and I did not know where we were going, who would be there, or what to expect along the way. Some trips were bigger than others but it was always a special surprise none the less. I have been thrilled to start this same tradition with our children.
One of our most recent “Mystery Trips” was a “trip downtown” (yes, that is a trip to my kids as it is not someplace we go often) to see Sesame Street live at The Fox Theater.  Friends of ours invited us to join them in their suite and enjoy a complimentary luncheon as well. It was a great time enjoyed by all! 
 Some trips are “big” some are “small” but none are ever forgotten! A good “Mystery Trip” is one that is imprinted on our child’s soul for a lifetime. Making memories and sharing in the thing that matters most spending time together.