Yes, it is still summer but the learning never ends in our home! We have had little tv or video game time in our home. The imaginations have been running wild and the kids have been just that “kids”!! 
Exploring, Learning, and Growing!!

 K.Bear has been enjoying her “sensory time”. Moon sand is certainly one of her favorites. She loves to “cook/bake up” all kinds of goodies for the family.

 K.Bear also has a new found love of workbooks. She LOVES them! She will sit and do school for hours if I let her. For such a little ball of energy she really can “focus” when she needs to. She is certainly a “down to business” kind of kid. She likes order, structure, and definitely routine. Let’s just say she makes me a better mom. Keeping me on my toes and “focused” on what “must be done and when” at all times of the day.

 Her coloring skills have developed greatly over the summer. Although, she tries to pretend she doesn’t know her colors she really does. She is not only the “order” in our home she is also still the family comedian!

 And….here he is Mr. Smiles concentrating on his “work”! That’s right, he is now old enough for school in our home too. Welcome aboard….little man!

 I might mention that these pictures were taken before he started eating the crayon and I proceeded to throw it in the trash. Red crayon squashed in between 6 baby teeth…yuck!

 Now, you may have noticed that there was not much about our little Pumpkin! She too has been busy at work (believe me) “summer school”, horse back riding, swimming, and working on her American Heritage Girl summer goals. Which bring me to my introduction of…..”Pumpkins Adventures…” she will now have her own blog! Displaying all of her latest and greatest accomplishments as she continues to become a beautiful young lady through serving God, cherishing her family, serving in her community and honoring our country. 

Pumpkin has grown up so much over the past few months…it is wonderful to see her branch off. All the while…she is still and will always be “our little Pumpkin”. Here she surprised me and prepared her own bowl of cereal  in the morning….thanks, for being such a big helper!

Deep in the Trenches of Planning

I am deep in the trenches of planning…if only I could figure out how to make this into a nifty little tab like most other blogs…? Any help from my followers would be appreciated 🙂

Here is what our school PreK-4 Curriculum and Goals is looking like thus far… it will likely change a bit…more is still to come…promise!!!


*Counting 1-20 (100)

*Concept more, less, same

*Sequence of events

* Ordinal-cardinal relationship

* Number-numeral relationship


* Meaning of addition and subtraction

* Calendar and clock

* Denominations of money

* Basic problem-solving strategies

* Basic chart and graph concepts

Social Studies

* holidays, traditions, customs

* Role in the family, home, school, community

* Human needs vs. wants

* Self respect/awareness

*Work and jobs


*classification living vs. non-living

*Farm animals

* Pets/care of


* Planets, space, moon, sun

*Beginning Experimentation



* Recognizing Safety Signs


* Food Pyramid/Labels

*Dental Health

Language Arts


*Nursery rhymes, fairy tails, poetry

*Role play

*Following/giving direction



Reading/Circle Time

*Weather Charting

*Calendar/Days of week


*15-20 min computer time a day

Classics For Kids

Bus Songs

*Exposure to various instruments, sounds, and types of music

*Music and movement MWF afternoons


*Various art projects will be done throughout the year corresponding to other lessons

*Soccer and Swimming classes

* Minimum of 30 minutes active play a day

Field Trips

*1-2 field trips per month


*Homeschool Bible Study group

* Mops every other week

Foreign Language/Geography

* Location of home and other important land marks

* Exposure to various cultures, flags, foods, and languages will be explores


*1st and 3rd Thurs of each month