Deep in the Trenches of Planning

I am deep in the trenches of planning…if only I could figure out how to make this into a nifty little tab like most other blogs…? Any help from my followers would be appreciated 🙂

Here is what our school PreK-4 Curriculum and Goals is looking like thus far… it will likely change a bit…more is still to come…promise!!!


*Counting 1-20 (100)

*Concept more, less, same

*Sequence of events

* Ordinal-cardinal relationship

* Number-numeral relationship


* Meaning of addition and subtraction

* Calendar and clock

* Denominations of money

* Basic problem-solving strategies

* Basic chart and graph concepts

Social Studies

* holidays, traditions, customs

* Role in the family, home, school, community

* Human needs vs. wants

* Self respect/awareness

*Work and jobs


*classification living vs. non-living

*Farm animals

* Pets/care of


* Planets, space, moon, sun

*Beginning Experimentation



* Recognizing Safety Signs


* Food Pyramid/Labels

*Dental Health

Language Arts


*Nursery rhymes, fairy tails, poetry

*Role play

*Following/giving direction



Reading/Circle Time

*Weather Charting

*Calendar/Days of week


*15-20 min computer time a day

Classics For Kids

Bus Songs

*Exposure to various instruments, sounds, and types of music

*Music and movement MWF afternoons


*Various art projects will be done throughout the year corresponding to other lessons

*Soccer and Swimming classes

* Minimum of 30 minutes active play a day

Field Trips

*1-2 field trips per month


*Homeschool Bible Study group

* Mops every other week

Foreign Language/Geography

* Location of home and other important land marks

* Exposure to various cultures, flags, foods, and languages will be explores


*1st and 3rd Thurs of each month

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