Wee Economics

The ladies in our house have been busy learning about home economics these day 🙂 We have had a rush of baby showers and birthdays…all which would not be complete without a touch of homemade!! My wee ones love to cook, clean, and be like mommy!! Below Pumpkin is teaching K.bear how to clean dishes in their play kitchen.

I had to make up cookie bouquets for my sisters baby shower which Pumpkin thought was great! In the beginning I was doing them all myself and then I hired her to help 12 bouquets is A LOT. She did an awesome job for an almost 4 year old. She is a bit …you could say …anal retentive (can’t imagine where she gets that from?!) 🙂

K.bear still doing dishes!! Another one that loves to clean…AMEN!! Doesn’t she look tiny?

And as you all know life would not be complete or at least after dinner wouldn’t be without ice cream. We had our first introduction to the ice cream maker this summer. I have no idea where summer has gone …typically ice cream is made several times in our home… this year…1x unacceptable (we are going to have to fit in at least 1 more)!!

Waiting o’so patiently for the ice cream to form. I must note that the bowl was not frozen enough and it never did work out as it should….mommy’s quick thinking led to ice cream milk shakes for everyone (neighbors too…of coarse!)

Hope you liked our home economic class and we have much more to come…including a recipe for yummy chocolate cupcakes with a butter cream frosting 🙂

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