Best No Cook Play-Doh a Multi-Sensory Learning Experience


Best Ever No Cook Play Doh, Play-Doh DIY Recipe- Approved by mom and easy enough for kids to make themselves - get your kids in the kitchen and start creating After years of buying store bought play-doh, and many play-doh recipe failures. I think we have officially stumbled across the best no cook play-doh recipe ever. We use play-doh both during read loud time and for busy bin free play.


I have found when children are able to keep their hands busy during read aloud time they are more likely to pay attention with their ears and less likely to want to speak over me; thus, making our time together much more enjoyable and productive.

While play-doh can be messy at times – it is still my preferred messy, fun activity {especially over glitter glue..}   Play-doh is great for fine motor development. The malleable properties make it an excellent choice for building hand strength and pre-writing development. It can be squashed, rolled, chopped, poked, and shredded allowing for hours of endless imaginary play.

Check out just some of the creations our kids created in our time together this week. Everything from play-doh pizza’s, ‘sugar’ cookies, to snakes, snails, and turtles –

Best No Cook Play-Doh a Multi-Sensory Learning Experience Want to make their open ended play-doh play time even more exciting? With a few simple supplies you can create an expansive play-doh tool box at a minimal cost. Here are some of the play-doh tools in our box;

    • small toys {dinosaurs, fish, farm animals}
    • straws
    • rolling pins
    • egg cartons
    • sea shells
    • buttons
    • plastic letters and numbers
    • popsicle sticks
    • plastic spoons, forks, and knives {you can omit this of coarse…our kids are a bit older now so I am comfortable with their ability to use them safely}
    • plates/bowls


Each of our children are typically given a tray with their selected dough color {they are encouraged to share}. I then, place a ‘tool box’ of supplies in the middle of the table for community use. They play and I read to them. When you add open ended play items to their dough experience the imaginations explode. {Encouraging them to create things they hear in the story is also another great way to ‘test’ their listening and comprehension.}

Want a multi-sensory experience? Flavor up your dough by adding any of these –

  • pumpkin spice
  • cinnamon
  • essential oils
  • ginger
  • oregano

Make it pink, blue, and yellow too…we use plain old food dye but, you can try any of these too I’m sure with an equally good result…


Add some texture –

  • rice
  • sand
  • glitter
  • tiny pasta
  • sequins
  • pebbles

Want to try the recipe we use?

Best Ever Play-Doh Recipe

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Best No Cook Play-Doh a Multi-Sensory Learning Experience

A Eucharisteo Dare

Over the past month I have been reading 1000 Gifts by: Ann Voskamp. She wrote this book based on a dare to live fully right where she was at. A friend dared her to find “1000 gifts” in ordinary everyday living.

The book is based on a Greek word “Eucharisteo“; a verb meaning, to be grateful, to feel thankful and give thanks. “Eucharist” is the act of giving thanks and remembrance for Jesus who died on the cross for our sins: “charis” meaning grace, and “O” referencing whom should  do these things; “I“. Ann’s story depicts what she believes to be the key to experiencing life’s full joy; based on this word “Eucharisteo“. 
It is through the act of giving thanks for all things despite the circumstances; receiving and extending grace to those people and situations around us we experience joy. The “well of joy” is always available to us but do we choose to fully accept it and drink from it? 

This idea of “Eucharisteo” really made sense to me and of coarse got me thinking. How might I get my family involved in such a way of living? Today the world seems to be filled with such negative; everything from the news on television to ungrateful people, greed/jealousy, and deceit in our daily lives. The negative surrounds us like a bad perfume. It is no wonder so many people suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. Where have we gone wrong? Could it help even a little to go back to our Latin and Greek roots for answers? It’s worth a try, right? 

The power of the mind is amazing to me and so much of our day to day living depends on it. When we are grumpy in our “head” it shows on our face and comes out in our actions. Is it even possible to be “grumpy” when giving thanks for all things; all day, everyday? I began to try this as a mental exercise for myself and do you know what; it is near impossible! I wrote down nothing but throughout my days found “gifts” and gave thanks regardless of how good/bad the situation. I was amazed and still slightly am shocked at how this works. Our mind; our thanks “giving” to God in all things free’s our mind of the ugly that has the ability to ruin days.

Try it; I dare you! 

We are doing a 1000 Family Gifts join us and share some of your “gifts” with us. We would love to hear them. 

In A Nut Shell!!

 So…”In A Nut Shell” after having weeks…Yes, WEEKS of sickness in our house!! I am happy to report that we are all better….AMEN!!
 Mr. Smiles….say’s YAY, TOO!!

 We have feverishly been trying to “catch up”…cleaning, work, and school all seemed to”pile up”! Im hoping one more week of “normal” and we will be back in business. 4 out of 5 of us came down with pink eye, we had fevers galore, coughs that wouldn’t let up, runny noses, 2 ear infections, our first antibiotics (ever!) welcomed into our home, 4 trips to the doctor, countless “pharmacy” runs, trips to the chiropractor, and health food store….and MANY sleepless nights!! It is a work in progress…

 Until we are “caught up” we hope you and your families are well!! Happy Belated Easter!!

With Love, Pumpkin, Boo, and Mr. Smiles!!