The Best Crockpot Easter Dinner Meal Plan Round Up

The Best Crock Easter RecipeRound Up
I have a little confession – I love to cook. I love good food but, if I can find an easier way to spend less time in the kitchen I am soooo there! And, I may have a slight obsession with my crockpot.

This year we will be changing things up a bit for Easter dinner. We are having friends over for a brunch and Easter egg hunt in the morning {thinking I will be making an egg bake breakfast casserole and my caramel french toast bake.}

But, what about dinner?

I was racking my brain trying to figure out how I could entertain in the morning and still pull off a somewhat traditional Easter dinner for my family and then, it hit me – my trusty old crockpot. Yep, I am pretty much over the moon excited we are going to have the best crockpot dinner ever and guess what, it’s going to be cooking while I hang out with our friends and family. Everybody wins!

{Oh, and if you only have one crockpot I highly recommend getting a second as it’s worth it’s weight in gold. We have 3 different sizes and I love them all!}

So, here’s the scoop for;

The Best Ever Easter Dinner Crockpot Meal Plan

The Best Crockpot Easter Dinner Meal Plan Round Up-maple-brown-sugar-ham-crockpot-green beans- corn dip- homemade apple sauce- home cooking goodness with less time in the kitchen

I am excited to try Life in the Loft House‘s Crock Pot Maple Brown Sugar Ham recipe – we are big maple syrup fans so this just sounds divine. A brown sugar rub, with a maple syrup and pineapple glaze cooked on low while I play with the kids – yep, I think I can do this.

Moms with Crock pots shared an awesome looking green bean casserole recipe – we will not being using bouillon cubes as most are not gluten free. But, we will sub them out with Better than Bouillon. *We will not be adding our bacon until the end as soggy bacon bits get me every time {gah}.

If you have never made crockpot brown sugar carrots you are missing out – they are so easy!


The Best Crockpot Easter Dinner Meal Plan Round Up

LifeCurrents Crockpot Corn Dip  looks like the perfect side dish or maybe even pre-dinner appetizer. Surely, I know my children can not be the only ones that insist on eating the entire hour before we sit down to a meal, right?!? Frozen corn, cream cheese, cheese, a zip of jalapeño, and spices slow cooked and served with organic corn chips should hold the littles over.

No Easter Dinner would be complete with out some homestead applesauce  and I’m thinking these easy au gratin potatoes inspired by Chelsea’s Messy Apron should do the trick…


And, if there is room for dessert after all that food I am thinking a scoop of ice cream from the local dairy farm should do the trick.

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15 Easter Candy Alternatives

Tired of all the holiday candy? Here are 15 Easter Candy Alternatives -

Since we have so many children with gluten, dairy, and dye issues in our house candy and crunchy snacks are pretty much off limits for all holidays.

Here is a list to help you think outside of the box too;  

15 Easter Candy Alternatives

  1. Side walk chalk
  2. Stickers
  3. Glow sticks 
  4. Homemade finger paint
  5. Homemade play doh
  6. DIY puppet kit
  7. Crafts supplies 
  8. Outside toys – bubbles, bouncy balls, fishing pole/tackle box
  9. Inside toys- match box cars, Lego sets
  10. Books
  11. Nail polish
  12. Hair accessories
  13. Coloring Books and Crayons
  14. Paperdolls
  15. Movies

Happy Belated Easter

Time is flying by over here…Currently, I am 20.5 weeks pregnant with baby # 4 (its a boy). Yes, Mr. Smiles is going to have a little buddy to wrestle with.
We have had some major diet changes over here: We are currently a “Gluten Free and Dairy (almost) free house) more on that to come!
K. Bear is riding a “big girl” bike like a champ and going to do quite well as a big sister to two little guys! Pumpkin is rocking the house with school reading at a 2nd/3rd grade reading level and delighting us with her love for knowledge. Mr.Smiles is full of energy and spunk. “Boys will be boy’s” I’m pretty sure if I looked at his toes close enough I would see suction cups on his toes…because that kid can climb anything!
Did you know if you plant jelly beans …you would get


 Thank you to my kiddos for keeping me on my toes everyday and teaching me to savor the moment!