Happy Belated Easter

Time is flying by over here…Currently, I am 20.5 weeks pregnant with baby # 4 (its a boy). Yes, Mr. Smiles is going to have a little buddy to wrestle with.
We have had some major diet changes over here: We are currently a “Gluten Free and Dairy (almost) free house) more on that to come!
K. Bear is riding a “big girl” bike like a champ and going to do quite well as a big sister to two little guys! Pumpkin is rocking the house with school reading at a 2nd/3rd grade reading level and delighting us with her love for knowledge. Mr.Smiles is full of energy and spunk. “Boys will be boy’s” I’m pretty sure if I looked at his toes close enough I would see suction cups on his toes…because that kid can climb anything!
Did you know if you plant jelly beans …you would get


 Thank you to my kiddos for keeping me on my toes everyday and teaching me to savor the moment!

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