Easy St. Patricks Day Crafts For Kids With Supply List

Easy St. Patricks DayCrafts For Kids

I have searched around the web and gathered up some of my favorite “St. Patricks Day Crafts For Kids”  to share with all of you.

If you missed my post on not quite feeling like and A+ mom – maybe you should head over there first. Whether you do one or none of these – you are still awesome! The real joy and contentment of motherhood comes from knowing that we alone are enough to our kids – no crafting required!

Still feeling crafty? Here are some of my St.Patricks Day Kids Crafts in no particular order;


Try your hand at a “Hand Print Shamrock” and capture the memories of those sweet tiny hands


Don’t feel like getting that messy? How about just a “Thumb Print”?


I simply love this little gem of a leprechaun from crafty morning …I think my kids are going to have a blast making this guy.


After teaching a mosaic arts class last semester – I have some big plans for these St. Patricks Day Mosaic Shamrocks from Happiness is Homemade… I’m thinking they will make the perfect bunting decor for our homeschool window.

rainbow craft for kids

I did this project many moons ago with our girls but, it is now time to revive an oldie but, goodie. The Fruit-loop Rainbow is always a big hit {we use dye free/ gluten free fruit loops since there is always snacking involved}

Short on time? Here is a rough St. Patricks Day craft supply list just for you –  order now, so you can spend more time crafting and less time running! (affiliate links included)

Freedom Foods Tropicos

Heavy Weight Card Stock

Cotton Balls

Crafting Glue

Green Tempra Paint

Orange Tempra Paint

Wiggly Eyes (we like the peel and stick ones)

Construction Paper

Mosaic Cardstock Squares



Spring/Easter Crafts For Kids

My four little bee’s have been busy crafting away lately. The ground is still snow covered here and with each passing day the cabin fever only seems to worsen. Crafting has been one way to combat  some of our cabin fever. After all what kid doesn’t like paint; and, what parent doesn’t love those little stamped hands, and feet?

We made several spring cards to pass out to neighbors and friends. Once the weather breaks we will likely run from house to house out of shear joy. Yes, winter has been that long.

Card 1: Supplies needed 1 sheet of blue paper, white washable paint, pink washable paint, paint brush, wiggle eyes, glue, and permanent marker. Fold the blue paper in half, paint your child’s hand minus the thumb, and place the painted hand strategically on the paper. Let the white paint dry a bit before painting the inner most part of the bunny ear and nose. Place wiggle eyes, draw whiskers, and put a special message. “Some Bunny Loves You” ! I recommend making several cards to keep on hand for all of those “just because” moments.

Card #2: Supplies needed 1 sheet of greet paper, white card stock paper, green washable paint, orange washable paint, black permanent marker. Fold the green paper in half to form the card. Stamp your child’s foot on the white card stock paper. Let it dry. Free hand the carrot greens (I also tried stamping a few fingers to get the same affect) once dry cut carefully around the outer edge of the carrot foot. Glue onto the green “card” and write a special message.

Paper Plate Bunny: Supplies needed   2 paper plates, cotton balls or quilter batting, 2 sheets of card stock paper, pint washable paint, 1 pipe cleaner cut into 4 pieces, wiggle eyes, glue, and hot glue gun, stapler.  

First, paint your child’s hands and feet press down on white card stock paper. Set aside and let dry. Next, rub glue on both paper plates, cover completely with “fluff” of choice. Once hands and feet are dry cut along the outside edge forming the ears and feet of your future “Paper Plate Bunny”. After the plates are dry staple the two together forming a body and head, staple the ears and feet on. Hot glue gun the bunny’s nose and eyes. I then proceeded to staple all of my kids bunny’s onto a piece of thin crochet yarn to make a super cute banner which is displayed in our dining room. 

15 Easter Candy Alternatives

Tired of all the holiday candy? Here are 15 Easter Candy Alternatives -

Since we have so many children with gluten, dairy, and dye issues in our house candy and crunchy snacks are pretty much off limits for all holidays.

Here is a list to help you think outside of the box too;  

15 Easter Candy Alternatives

  1. Side walk chalk
  2. Stickers
  3. Glow sticks 
  4. Homemade finger paint
  5. Homemade play doh
  6. DIY puppet kit
  7. Crafts supplies 
  8. Outside toys – bubbles, bouncy balls, fishing pole/tackle box
  9. Inside toys- match box cars, Lego sets
  10. Books
  11. Nail polish
  12. Hair accessories
  13. Coloring Books and Crayons
  14. Paperdolls
  15. Movies