My Little Man “8” Months Old

I have not done an update on my little man “Mr. Smiles” in sometime and as I have said before this blog and our school blog…both serve as my “memory” at times. He is 8 months already!! I can not believe it!! Seems like only yesterday, I was cuddling on the couch with my blue eyed baby (yep, they are still blue!) and NOW…we are off!!

He is crawling EVERYWHERE…he is speedy quick, and has no problem keeping up with big sisters. He even stood up for the first time Tuesday, February, 15th. The best part was we all got to see it…he has not done it since, but it is coming! He will by far be my earliest walker. Pumpkin did not walk until she was 19 months old…Im hoping Mr. Smiles makes it to 9 mo (Mommy is not ready)!!

 He is has two bottom teeth and is working on more!

 He is ALL boy…he loves balls, trains, cars, and anything that has wheels, rolls, and is loud!! He growls like a lion, makes fish lips, has great fine motor skills, and loves to dance. This boy is a blast..I just want to bottle him up! We think the little man has some food allergies but other than that he is easy peasy!!

Big Hugs and Kisses!! From Mr. Smiles 🙂

Toothless Princess

That’s right Pumpkin lost her first tooth. The bottom right…my little princess was so excited. She was the first of her friends to lose a tooth so that made it all the more special for her. Pumpkin being one of the youngest of her friends was thrilled to do something before her “6 yr old” buddies 🙂 the smile on her face from ear to ear was contagious!!

Pumpkin announced that her tooth was “wiggly” about 4 wks ago, I thought (we have plenty of time)!! Then much to my surprise and Pumpkins; after munching on a not so soft cookie left over from Thanksgiving, that little “wiggly” tooth became a VERY “wiggly” one!! O’boy Mommy’s not ready for this…

Two hours later, a little wiggle and jiggle…and “POP” out it came!! Im not sure who was more surprised; Pumpkin with the crocodile tears and shriek of terror, or me with my gasp for air!! I am happy to report that the shock quickly turned into excitement….

Of coarse we took pictures of everything…

In my MOPS group years ago we made these tooth pillows…which I had kept for that “just in case” moment!
She tucked her tooth safely in the pillow and set it on her dresser for the Tooth-fairy’s arrival. Also tucked away in my back pocket I had a special book ready to go for the big occasion “The Night Before the Tooth Fairy Came”.

Here is Pumpkin brushing her new smile minus 1 tooth !!
Pumpkin went to bed one HAPPY 5 yr old…and Mommy went to bed thinking my how time fly’s!! She was just teething and now a part of her babyhood is already leaving…very sad!! I know we are always told by those with older children “enjoy them” …how true that is “enjoy them, hug them, squeeze them…” because everyday that goes by quickly turns to a week, a month, and a year…before you know it the pitter patter of tiny feet are gone and the house has gone still. Pray you have done well!!

Watch “US” Grow

Well, without further a do I’m here to tell you …3 kids certainly does something other than give you stretch marks, gray hair, and cause a severe case of memory fog!! It makes you appreciate life….quiet moments, 1st experiences, health, happiness (I love those giggles), and unconditional love!! I must also mention that my memory fog thanks to my children is 100% the reason I NEED this blog. My kids are growing like weeds. It is hard to believe that my baby girl is in Kindergarten….already!!! Where has time gone? I just graduated high school for goodness sake… 🙂
We recently took a family field trip to ‘our’ farms! I say ‘our’ loosely because we do not live on one (although I would love too), right Mom?! We are members of a CSA (Maple Creek) and we also go in on a cow every year….thanks to my children I insist on knowing where my food comes from!!! I could go on about this for days….I’ll spare you the details of all that we do in our home (freezing, canning, freezer meals, co-op, homemade laundry soap, etc.) another post…another day!!
Our kids love the tour of both farms, but I can not say the farm kittens were a big fan of our kids!! Pumpkin was determined to stuff one in the van and K.Bear just wanted to be like her big sister…holding..squeezing…squashing…O’poor kitty!!!
We enjoyed another trip to the Zoo…the weather was beautiful!! The kids had a blast…especially with the Monkey’s!! Hmmm…I wonder why??
Lastly, what Summer would not be complete without S’mores? Mmmmmm..good!! No need for explanation just dive in and enjoy!!