Watch “US” Grow

Well, without further a do I’m here to tell you …3 kids certainly does something other than give you stretch marks, gray hair, and cause a severe case of memory fog!! It makes you appreciate life….quiet moments, 1st experiences, health, happiness (I love those giggles), and unconditional love!! I must also mention that my memory fog thanks to my children is 100% the reason I NEED this blog. My kids are growing like weeds. It is hard to believe that my baby girl is in Kindergarten….already!!! Where has time gone? I just graduated high school for goodness sake… 🙂
We recently took a family field trip to ‘our’ farms! I say ‘our’ loosely because we do not live on one (although I would love too), right Mom?! We are members of a CSA (Maple Creek) and we also go in on a cow every year….thanks to my children I insist on knowing where my food comes from!!! I could go on about this for days….I’ll spare you the details of all that we do in our home (freezing, canning, freezer meals, co-op, homemade laundry soap, etc.) another post…another day!!
Our kids love the tour of both farms, but I can not say the farm kittens were a big fan of our kids!! Pumpkin was determined to stuff one in the van and K.Bear just wanted to be like her big sister…holding..squeezing…squashing…O’poor kitty!!!
We enjoyed another trip to the Zoo…the weather was beautiful!! The kids had a blast…especially with the Monkey’s!! Hmmm…I wonder why??
Lastly, what Summer would not be complete without S’mores? Mmmmmm..good!! No need for explanation just dive in and enjoy!!

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