Toothless Princess

That’s right Pumpkin lost her first tooth. The bottom right…my little princess was so excited. She was the first of her friends to lose a tooth so that made it all the more special for her. Pumpkin being one of the youngest of her friends was thrilled to do something before her “6 yr old” buddies 🙂 the smile on her face from ear to ear was contagious!!

Pumpkin announced that her tooth was “wiggly” about 4 wks ago, I thought (we have plenty of time)!! Then much to my surprise and Pumpkins; after munching on a not so soft cookie left over from Thanksgiving, that little “wiggly” tooth became a VERY “wiggly” one!! O’boy Mommy’s not ready for this…

Two hours later, a little wiggle and jiggle…and “POP” out it came!! Im not sure who was more surprised; Pumpkin with the crocodile tears and shriek of terror, or me with my gasp for air!! I am happy to report that the shock quickly turned into excitement….

Of coarse we took pictures of everything…

In my MOPS group years ago we made these tooth pillows…which I had kept for that “just in case” moment!
She tucked her tooth safely in the pillow and set it on her dresser for the Tooth-fairy’s arrival. Also tucked away in my back pocket I had a special book ready to go for the big occasion “The Night Before the Tooth Fairy Came”.

Here is Pumpkin brushing her new smile minus 1 tooth !!
Pumpkin went to bed one HAPPY 5 yr old…and Mommy went to bed thinking my how time fly’s!! She was just teething and now a part of her babyhood is already leaving…very sad!! I know we are always told by those with older children “enjoy them” …how true that is “enjoy them, hug them, squeeze them…” because everyday that goes by quickly turns to a week, a month, and a year…before you know it the pitter patter of tiny feet are gone and the house has gone still. Pray you have done well!!

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