Lovely Yarn

So I took these pictures with the intent to post this on Valentines Day (well, that did not happen)!! However, they did come out super cute, and I thought this would still be fun for upcoming “holidays” (St.Patrick’s Day, Easter, etc.)! They would also make great “little gifts” for family, friends, and teachers.

You Need: 
Cookie Cutters (any shape we did hearts)
Corn Starch
Parchment Paper
A Magnet Strip (or old advertising magnet would work great too!)

First, cut the yarn into pieces and make the cornstarch glue. Using a sauce pan heat 1/4 c. cornstarch and 1/2 c. water over a low/medium heat stir until smooth (see below).

Allow the “glue” to cool to touch. Place parchment paper on a cookie sheet/activity tray. Then place the cookie cutter on top of the parchment paper let your little ones go to town dipping string pieces into the “glue”. Carefully pulling out one string at a time and using your thumb and forefinger to clean off an access “glue”. Lay the yarn inside the cookie cutter. Repeating the process until a thin layer of yarn is in the cookie cutter forming the chosen shape.

Remove the cookie cutter and gently press the shape down. Let dry completely (we put ours in the oven for 1 hr @ 250 degrees). After the drying is compete you can then glue your yarn shape onto a magnet for a fun gift or decoration!!

Sensory Bins

We have been keeping busy with our “Sensory Bins” this week! And thought we would share a few pictures….if you make one for your kiddo’s please be sure to leave me a comment as I would love to check it out!!

It has been really chilly outside…so like last year we brought the snow inside for some fun! The kids love doing this and I love it too. They are warm inside and they still get to use their imagination. I think the best part is there is no bundling up and it lasts longer than 12 minutes!!
The Valentines Sensory Bin has also been a big hit ….

Rose petals, beads, blocks, foam hearts, and little toys with the theme “Red, White, and Pink”!! I have seen this bin used for many things this week among them; “making food”, “playing store”, and sorting.