Lost marbles…

Life has been extra crazy these days…is that possible? Boo is cutting her 4 canine teeth and has mastered climbing! Little Peach learned how to pull her self up on EVERYTHING and is cutting her 4 back molars! Lastly, Pumpkin is growing by leaps and bounds everyday and can’t wait for whats still to come! The best part of it all is we have still managed to do school despite the chaos.

Pumpkin and Boo enjoyed our indoor snow activity inspired by Confessions of a Homeschooler. I loved not bundling the kiddos up for an hour to play outside for 20 minutes!! When I told Pumpkin mommy was going to bring some snow in the house to play with…her response was priceless “mommy, Im not sure that’s such a good idea”. My sweet girl that loves things just so thought her mother officially lost her marbles.

It is a rare day that Boo is this focused on any one activity. She really enjoyed transferring the snow into a cup and feeling how cold it was on her tiny hands.

We even built a snowman…he was super cute with cheerio eyes and a raisin nose!

Yep, here it is my proud 18 month old!! I leave the room for 1 second to find her sitting at the table. I must admit, I’m not ready for all the bumps and bruises that come with climbing!!!

Monkey See!! Monkey Do!! This chair was one popular place this week…that’s right the little Peach learned to pull herself up on the same chair that K. Bear learned to climb…hmm? Im thinking this was a conspiracy between them to make all my hair turn gray!!

I’ll fix them… Boo and Peach let me introduce you to a pack’n play!! I have to admit all of the kids had a blast with this thing set up in the living room. I had no idea a pack n’ play could hold 3 children and entertain them for so long. Throughout the day it served as everything from a fort to an airplane going to Florida.

Here is the Peach saying “hello”!!

I often try to do as many activities together with the exception of Pumpkins core curriculum (at which time the little ones are napping, having playtime, or doing tray activities). This one got a bit messy…I won’t lie. Although, I have done cookie cutter painting with Pumpkin before this was Boo’s first experience!!

The finished product came out beautifully!! My favorite part of any “group” activity in our home is watching how well my children work together. Of coarse my kids have their hair pulling fights and plenty of squabbles on any given day. However, one of the joys of homeschooling is having the ability to watch them grow, learn, and nurture one another everyday!! Making the best of those “hot tempered”moments and turning them into something great.

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