Easy St. Patricks Day Crafts For Kids With Supply List

Easy St. Patricks DayCrafts For Kids

I have searched around the web and gathered up some of my favorite “St. Patricks Day Crafts For Kids”  to share with all of you.

If you missed my post on not quite feeling like and A+ mom – maybe you should head over there first. Whether you do one or none of these – you are still awesome! The real joy and contentment of motherhood comes from knowing that we alone are enough to our kids – no crafting required!

Still feeling crafty? Here are some of my St.Patricks Day Kids Crafts in no particular order;


Try your hand at a “Hand Print Shamrock” and capture the memories of those sweet tiny hands


Don’t feel like getting that messy? How about just a “Thumb Print”?


I simply love this little gem of a leprechaun from crafty morning …I think my kids are going to have a blast making this guy.


After teaching a mosaic arts class last semester – I have some big plans for these St. Patricks Day Mosaic Shamrocks from Happiness is Homemade… I’m thinking they will make the perfect bunting decor for our homeschool window.

rainbow craft for kids

I did this project many moons ago with our girls but, it is now time to revive an oldie but, goodie. The Fruit-loop Rainbow is always a big hit {we use dye free/ gluten free fruit loops since there is always snacking involved}

Short on time? Here is a rough St. Patricks Day craft supply list just for you –  order now, so you can spend more time crafting and less time running! (affiliate links included)

Freedom Foods Tropicos

Heavy Weight Card Stock

Cotton Balls

Crafting Glue

Green Tempra Paint

Orange Tempra Paint

Wiggly Eyes (we like the peel and stick ones)

Construction Paper

Mosaic Cardstock Squares



5 Reasons to Use Goats Milk Soap and Where I Buy Mine


Consumers {myself included} are becoming more aware of the mass  production chemically laden commercial body care products. Is it a ploy to save money and cut production costs – yes, likely. We are all looking for ways to save money- so can you blame them?

Unfortunately, these cost cutting measures are coming at an extreme cost – our health! Sadly, over the years, these chemical based products have gone from ‘personal care’ to ‘personally destructive’ cancer causing silent killers: from hormone disrupting phthalates, heavy metals, to toxic surfactants. Heck, I personally have not worn deodorant in almost 10 years – we are still friends right?

Today I’m sharing another gradual change we have been making over the years – can you say good bye commercial sodium laurel sulfate {that’s a mouth full, right?} it’s much easier to say ‘hello’ goats milk soap.


5 Reasons to Use Goat Milk Soap

Delays Signs of Aging – the high levels of alpha-hydroxy acid [naturally occurring} work with the skin rather than breaking it down or ‘burning’ ones skin. Alpha-dydroxy simply breaks down the dead skin cells  leaving behind ‘new’, smoother, and more youthful cells. No chemical acids. No additives. Just nature doing it’s thing!

Anti-Infalamatory Properties– the fat molecules in goats milk soap acts as a moisturizer. Allowing the body to heal naturally soothing those damaged skin cells.

Essential Vitamin and Nutrient Rich– using goats milk soap is like singing the alphabet; A, D, C, B1, B6, B12, and E – wasn’t that fun?!? There have been many studies on the benefits of vitamin A reducing lines and wrinkles. Goats milk is also rich in selenium. Although, over the counter soaps may contain calcium, sodium, and iron – most of these elements are found in our water and therefore, aren’t really a benefit after all {they are simply fillers}.

Treats Acne – the antibacterial properties of goats milk soap have been found to delay micro organisms that cause pesky acne.

Dry Skin? No more – the cream in goats milk serves as a natural moisturizers in every wash. Out with the dead skin cells and in with the new.

So, where do I buy mine? Sunshine Meadow Farms!!


One of my personal favorites is “Sunset Cowboy” – I literally could just leave a bar in every room because yes, it smells that good!!

Are you familiar with the benefits of Activated Charcoal? If not, maybe I’ll save that for a newsletter or upcoming post 😉 In the meantime check out this gem –


Get your Activated Charcoal Goat’s Milk Soap {Unscented} Here  – Enriched with activated charcoal and left unscented. Bars are 3.1 oz in size.

Ok, so your not quite ready to ditch your everyday body wash – then maybe ‘butter up’ this winter and treat your skin to a little ‘home spa’ treatment with Sunshine Meadow Farms; Solid Lotion Bar – easy to use, no messy squeeze tubes, great for travel, and makes a great gift stocking stuffer!


Your skin is your largest organ – and absorbs 60% of the products used topically. So, shop small and treat your body to what it deserves – an all natural alternative to the commercial chemical laden products we have become accustom to buying. After all, if you want a different result then you have to do things differently.

Dirt Road Diary; 12 Country Living Lessons

%22I wouldn't give a nickel to have it paved in gold. Everything I Love is at the end of the dirt road.%22

One month post our move and 99% of the time I’m still waiting for someone to wake me up from my dream. However, I don’t want you all to think it’s been without a few learning curves – so here is what ‘4 Weeks of Country Living Has Taught Me’

Dirty Road Diary Style; 12 Country Living Lessons

(in no particular order)

  1. Dirt is the new “cool” – my kids have never been dirtier and, I have never cared less. Hahaha, ok maybe I’ve cared a bit. Truth, country living is dirty – clean boots, coats, and clothes are a thing of the past.

Dirt Road Diary;

2) Music bee’s lungs work just fine – just ask the neighbors if they heard her when she saw her first Gardner snake in the woods.

3) Bugs, bugs, and more bugs!!! My house is infested with ladybugs and I’ve already killed 15 Mosquitos, a few spiders, and several moth thingies (yes, that’s what they are called)

4) Raccoons can climb really high: and, when you move your bird feeder they might just get mad and poop on your balcony.

5) Rainboots are a necessity. Did I mention it’s dirty? Thanks you Jesus for our mudroom!

 Childhood Unplugged; Country Living Lessons

6) Deer are such peaceful animals.

7) Real fireplaces take me back to my childhood. They are just so dreamy and magical.


8) Chickens are super cool little creatures – and, I might just become the next crazy chicken lady. I love them!


9) Well water isn’t actually scary at all and surprisingly tastes pretty good. Not to mention it makes your hair super soft (ummm..bonus!)

10) Going to ‘town’ still sounds totally strange to me but, is super fun! 1 grocery store, a few gas stations, a subway, a frozen custard place, a thrift store, and well, of coarse Tractor Supply – what else do you need?

11) And, the number one thing living in the country has taught me in 4 weeks – I hate leaving home!

12) Home is where the heart is –

“I wouldn’t give a nickel to have it paved in gold. Everything I Love is at the end of the dirt road.”