I’m Going Away; Allume Truths

Lately, it seems these 5 minute posts is all this momma can muster up in her crazy life; but, I am here. I am in my little corner of this big, crazy world, and jumping in feet first. Join me!

Today myself and some crazy, inspiring, fun virtual friends link up today at Lisa Jo-Bakers home {blog} we write unedited for five minutes all on a given prompt, link up, encourage each other, and have a great time all the while. Today’s word; True
Heart racing and palms sweating I click the purchase button. I’m going to Allume.  I have a ride, sitters lined up, a hotel room complete with roommates. All is lined up “I’m going away“. Just me, 100’s of miles away. {gasp!}
For those of you that don’t know what Allume is; it is a blogging and writing conference. It is an opportunity to hear some of my favorite authors speak, take part in mission opportunities, and meet virtual friends in(RL).  It is true you can make connections via this crazy virtual world. You can develop friendships and find community. I’m not recommending you keep your head in a virtual world 24/7 by any means; hence, our meet up in just one month. Real life should never be replaced by a virtual one, but these friendship and women are real. And we are going to shine together in this place. 
O.K. truth, I’m a hot mess. I don’t do this kind of thing. I don’t leave my family. I never, ever leave my kids; and yes, I did contemplate selling/transferring my ticket. What am I doing traveling 100s of miles away from home? I’m not even a real writer. Who am I to walk amongst these women who have accomplished so much? It is true, I am way out of my zone. I’m chasing dreams; heart racing and palms sweating: I’m going to do this! All my trust in Him because I surely don’t know how I got here.

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