Real Food; Real Living {A Family Story}

Food is the very thing that fuels our bodies; it is the thing that sustains us through our days. Food is the center of celebrations,  traditions, and the very link that ties cultures together. Families gather around the table, Jesus gathered the disciples together for the last supper, friendships are cultivated and centered around this very thing.

Join me these next 31 Days as I share my families life changing revelation. What do you do when  the very thing that ties us together around the table is in fact the very thing poisoning your child? Grab your life ring we are going on a journey like no other.

Gather around my table as I unlock the mystery and reveal the truth’s about food intolerance’s and allergies. It may be the very thing causing disruption in your home as well.  Living with food intolerance’s and food allergies is the real deal and a life changer for sure: but, together we can educate, mentor, and join in community. A community that is called to gather as one around a table of  real food.

Join me at Crystal’s Blog as we take you Behind the Scenes

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