Celebrating the Gift of “She” (F.M.F)

So we meet again. I’ve been buried deep in school books and lesson plans. I’ve been unpacking a boat that has served as our cottage from May to September. A mothers work is never done and the gifts  never seem to stop coming. So embrace the moment, seek joy, and let’s ride..

It’s Five Minute Friday time…the prompt is ‘she’
The rules; write for five minutes, no extreme editing, give some comment love, and visit the beautiful Lisa Jo-Bakers sight to link up! Join me! 

The sun is shining and the day is drawing to an end. A drive home from a full day of work and a due date looming over head. Today is the day they guess my baby should arrive. However, an earlier appointment says otherwise. Trying to keep myself busy; I begin to prep dinner and plan for an evening walk with the dog. No sooner does my mind begin to wonder; there is a pop, and then a gush of water. Like a balloon popping on a summers day a constant stream as if it will never stop. My husband sleeping soundly as visions of sharing in one last meal dance through his head. He is instead awaken with a startle; a quick toss of the remote and a gathering of bags. This is our first and their is still so much to learn; are we fully ready to accept such a gift? 
Ready or not; what was once our ‘it’ is in fact a ‘she’.
“She” is 8 today! 
Our 6 lbs 9 oz bundle of joy. A sweet soul that warms our hearts daily. She made me a mom, him a dad, and us a family. She quickly becomes the center of our world. The fears that once lingered in our minds and hearts are a thing of our past; and, the world we once knew revolving around me quickly turns to a home filled to the rim with we.
We are so blessed to have her in our lives. Arriving much before our humanly, naive, and self centered ‘original’ plan we are quickly reminded like so many times before we are not the ones in charge; for it is HE and the very gift we were to welcome was in fact “SHE”


Wishing my beautiful little girl all the joy in the world, blessings beyond measure, and a life filled with all that God has promised. Happy 8th birthday Pumpkin.

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