Frenzy Book Organization

Some of you will get a real chuckle out of this one…In my mission (i.e madness) to get things in order I created our new “library system” so far I must say it is working out splendidly. I could no longer handle the bookshelf as a means of organization for our kids books. Pumpkin loves to “read” and I was tired of the books getting out of order (themes). I could never find the exact one she wanted: because she does know EVERY book we own!! That left me with one option revamp the current book system and come up with something new! So below is a picture of some of the books I collected throughout the house and set on the counter.

I dragged the girls out (in the rain) I might add to the store to buy some bins (with a pocket) for labeling. I needed them on a budget, needed them to be durable, and most important I NEEDED that pocket. So I found these at Walmart for $5.50 for 2 (what a deal) only the yellow ones were that cheap the rest were $10 (I figured I could live with the yellow for that price) I bought 4 sets (8 bins)!!
I came home Pumpkin helped put all the books in piles (we had books EVERYWHERE) we sorted the books ; religious, Disney/TV, Educational (science, seasons, feelings), Family, Baby, Holidays, etc. (you get it)! What ever made sense to me. Then I assigned each “theme” a number; labeled each bin and book with the corresponding number and VOILA! Every book in our home now has a number system. When we are finished reading a book we can easily put it back in the appropriate themed basket.

No more searching for lost books, no more messy book shelf, one happy Mumma!!


  1. ninabunk says:

    ok so i was trying to picture your organization for the books and this looks way better than i was picturing it!!! i am sooo doing it!!
    it was so good to meet you!

  2. lori bunk says:

    i’m so glad you came on saturday… and this is such a great idea! my son was going thru his drawers of books today trying to find his favorite and i thought of you!!!

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