Happy 5 yr Anniversary

Cleaning Frenzy part 2 is in progress…

Today marks 5 yrs that I have been married to my o’so loving husband (we have been together for 9yrs) and boy how time has flown by! I can only imagine how the next 5,10,15,20 years will do the same. Now lets take a quick look at our time capsule thus far…

We met on a “blind date” Feb 11, 2000

Married: Friday April 30, 2004
The weather was perfect not to cold and not to hot (very windy) for most of our pictures outside someone had to hide behind my poofy dress and hold my veil down. We had a packed church (a choir of angels and priest that flew in from Italy to do our wedding) and about 150-175 guests at our reception. We spent most of the night wining, dining, and dancing!! It was truly a blessed day….

Honeymooning it!! We went on a Caribbean Cruise it was wonderful! If you have never been on a cruise I highly recommend it. We had a fabulous time swimming, snorkeling, sight seeing, and relaxing. One of the best parts of our cruise was our dinner table….we would be the first table to sit down and the last to leave!! Our “table mates” were a complete blast and still to this day we are in contact with them (I’ll save that story for another day)!!

Beautiful blue sky’s, pristine water, and nothing but marriage bliss….

The “happy couple” posing for a quick picture in St.Thomas! I think we worked out in those days…something happens as time goes on that comfort thing really does kick in.

Fast forward; 8 months “I’m expecting” What? How could this be? This was not in the plan…not so soon….it was not the most joyous of occasions looking back. We were filled with fear and selfishness. Excited, not really…we always wanted children (especially me), but this was not exactly how I had it planned out (I’m a planner). Well, I quickly learned God had other plans for us and thus we began to ride our wave of parenthood ….

Soon after the initial shock set in we began to prepare for our newest member of the family. We already had a dog named Ginger; so bring on the baby!!

September 20th, 2005 ; Weight 6lbs 9 oz : 20 in long!! She stole her Daddy’s heart (a new cuddle buddy from the start) Soon all of the fear and tears of worry that had filled our hearts months prior were soon filled with joy, laughter, pride, and much LOVE!!! God is good!!

Welcome home our sweet little “pumpkin”

Marriage class: Back in the preparatory stages of our wedding we were required to take a marriage prep class…we had to set some 5 year goals this is what I remember of them;

1) Work on our Masters Degrees (continue with education)
2) Move (buy a bigger house)
3) Have a baby

Well, we have since accomplished 1 out of 3 (33% not to bad…)

Our life has been filled with “2’s” since being married……we have had 2 dogs (we have since had to give Ginger to a Corgi Rescue…very sad she was showing aggressive behaviors towards other dogs…I began to fear she would do the same to one of my little ones!)

Welcome Teddy to our family February, 2007

We have enjoyed “2 ” more cruises (babymoons) I was pregnant for both. Pumpkin enjoyed her first real cruise at 21/2 years of age…she quickly caught on that she could ask for dessert anytime of day!!

2 boats later……(can you tell our family loves the water!!) Yes, you did read that right we have a fishing boat and a “family boat” we live 5 minutes from a larger inland lake so we figure we may as well take advantage of it year round!

2 Girls later….August 4, 2008: Weighing 7lbs: 20in long

Welcome home our little “Boo”

Not bad for 5 years!! Sure, our life together has not always been marital bliss…who’s is? Lets be real! I have learned to be flexible, love more, anger less, and just live life! God ultimately will guide you to where you are suppose to be!! His plan for us is greater than that which we have for ourselves. In our journey of marriage thus far we have been blessed in so many ways; we have been enjoying the curves and riding the bumps along the way. Here’s to 70 more (that will only make you 100 sweetie)!!!


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