Paci Post

I realized I forgot to share this priceless picture with all of you during my weeks of “Spring Frenzy” cleaning! Both of my girls have been paci baby’s and I can never seem to find one at that moment when they are needed. As I moved the crib to dust …. low and behold there was a paci resting on an electrical plug.

So then was born the “Paci Post”!!!

This post is to pay tribute to all of those paci’s in our house that have been lost, stolen, covered in dust, or just gone before us! I especially love this one of my near 3 year old with a paci in her mouth and the newborn with none!!

In an attempt to rid Pumpkin of the paci my husband and I (mostly I) tried many MANY different tactics. Some of them I shocked myself at the shear desperateness to rid her of that darn thing by her 3rd Birthday (which I might add didn’t happen). I tried cutting part of the nipple off (aka:broken paci’s), we tried setting limits, bought newborn ones so they would be to small for her mouth, we bought different brands, we packaged them up on her 3rd Birthday to mail them to the paci fairy, we tried, tried, and tried some more.

As Pumpkin waits anxiously on her 3rd Birthday to wait for gum to fall out of the sky from the fairy……Mommy had tears in her eyes (bye-bye paci….)! O.k so I will tell you we did not tell her the fairy was going to drop it out of the sky …..thinking quickly as parents must do! Gum really did fall from the sky …..or maybe it was thrown over the house?? She was thrilled none the less!!

The day went wonderfully until…….BED!!! O’ Dear God please help us I prayed….what are we to do our little 3 year old is so deeply saddened….Yep, we caved..Paci Fairy forgot to take one!! This went on for another month until; BAM…..

Could it be? Pumpkin put her paci in the garbage (we had already tried this before…it didn’t work!) This time was different “she did it”!! As bedtime neared I panicked ….but Pumpkin held strong went to bed without a fuss and said “I didn’t like that fuzzy on my paci” she will still tell you today that is why she threw it away….

You got it…a piece of “DUST” AMEN!!!

As I write this I tell you this to not only share a funny little story about our many paci adventures in our home but to shed light on how precious our little ones are. Yes, even in those times of “battle of the wills”. Now looking back I laugh because my stress of “that things got to go” was not because it bothered her or I (it bothered others). So in light of that be yourself, hold strong, one should not press judgment on others, and let our kids be kids!!

I thank God for Pumpkins strong will and ability to know when is “right” for her!!

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged” (Matthew 7:1)

Frenzy Book Organization

Some of you will get a real chuckle out of this one…In my mission (i.e madness) to get things in order I created our new “library system” so far I must say it is working out splendidly. I could no longer handle the bookshelf as a means of organization for our kids books. Pumpkin loves to “read” and I was tired of the books getting out of order (themes). I could never find the exact one she wanted: because she does know EVERY book we own!! That left me with one option revamp the current book system and come up with something new! So below is a picture of some of the books I collected throughout the house and set on the counter.

I dragged the girls out (in the rain) I might add to the store to buy some bins (with a pocket) for labeling. I needed them on a budget, needed them to be durable, and most important I NEEDED that pocket. So I found these at Walmart for $5.50 for 2 (what a deal) only the yellow ones were that cheap the rest were $10 (I figured I could live with the yellow for that price) I bought 4 sets (8 bins)!!
I came home Pumpkin helped put all the books in piles (we had books EVERYWHERE) we sorted the books ; religious, Disney/TV, Educational (science, seasons, feelings), Family, Baby, Holidays, etc. (you get it)! What ever made sense to me. Then I assigned each “theme” a number; labeled each bin and book with the corresponding number and VOILA! Every book in our home now has a number system. When we are finished reading a book we can easily put it back in the appropriate themed basket.

No more searching for lost books, no more messy book shelf, one happy Mumma!!

Cleaning Frenzy

Ok the kiddos are with the sitter and I am on a mission from cleaning dirty windows to organizing wish me luck I have 3 more hrs left…check back soon to see some hopefully good before and after pics!!!

This post is for all of you that “think” I’m so organized this will assure you that I have my own “dirty little secrets”!!