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I realized I forgot to share this priceless picture with all of you during my weeks of “Spring Frenzy” cleaning! Both of my girls have been paci baby’s and I can never seem to find one at that moment when they are needed. As I moved the crib to dust …. low and behold there was a paci resting on an electrical plug.

So then was born the “Paci Post”!!!

This post is to pay tribute to all of those paci’s in our house that have been lost, stolen, covered in dust, or just gone before us! I especially love this one of my near 3 year old with a paci in her mouth and the newborn with none!!

In an attempt to rid Pumpkin of the paci my husband and I (mostly I) tried many MANY different tactics. Some of them I shocked myself at the shear desperateness to rid her of that darn thing by her 3rd Birthday (which I might add didn’t happen). I tried cutting part of the nipple off (aka:broken paci’s), we tried setting limits, bought newborn ones so they would be to small for her mouth, we bought different brands, we packaged them up on her 3rd Birthday to mail them to the paci fairy, we tried, tried, and tried some more.

As Pumpkin waits anxiously on her 3rd Birthday to wait for gum to fall out of the sky from the fairy……Mommy had tears in her eyes (bye-bye paci….)! O.k so I will tell you we did not tell her the fairy was going to drop it out of the sky …..thinking quickly as parents must do! Gum really did fall from the sky …..or maybe it was thrown over the house?? She was thrilled none the less!!

The day went wonderfully until…….BED!!! O’ Dear God please help us I prayed….what are we to do our little 3 year old is so deeply saddened….Yep, we caved..Paci Fairy forgot to take one!! This went on for another month until; BAM…..

Could it be? Pumpkin put her paci in the garbage (we had already tried this before…it didn’t work!) This time was different “she did it”!! As bedtime neared I panicked ….but Pumpkin held strong went to bed without a fuss and said “I didn’t like that fuzzy on my paci” she will still tell you today that is why she threw it away….

You got it…a piece of “DUST” AMEN!!!

As I write this I tell you this to not only share a funny little story about our many paci adventures in our home but to shed light on how precious our little ones are. Yes, even in those times of “battle of the wills”. Now looking back I laugh because my stress of “that things got to go” was not because it bothered her or I (it bothered others). So in light of that be yourself, hold strong, one should not press judgment on others, and let our kids be kids!!

I thank God for Pumpkins strong will and ability to know when is “right” for her!!

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged” (Matthew 7:1)


  1. ninabunk says:

    that is a great story! both of my kids are binky baby’s too! i read an article in a magazine about the binky fairy, so i thought i would try it on my 2 year old, i figured it if it went completely wrong we just give it back to her and by 3 just cut her off. well to mine and my husbands surprise it went WONDERFULLY!!!! she put her binky under her pillow that night and when she woke up there was a prize under her pillow. we told her if she wanted her binky back the fairy would take her prize, she asked for it once or twice that day and then never again!!!

  2. mimi says:

    Yes! I loved the whole post, but your last line was perfect (about how it bothered others). We were a paci family too. Your paci tales brought back SO many memories,every thing you wrote happened to us.
    I realized that I was so concerned with what “others” would think. I even had a mother take the paci out of my son’s mouth and say “you don’t need that!” My boys eventually just stopped using them. Oh girl, I could go on and on!

  3. Alicia says:

    Oh no worries here!

    We weren’t a paci family, but w/ my older son, he was a bottle kid! LOL..I remember one time I had to take him to the doctor for an ear infection and when I asked him if he wanted his bottle, the pediatrician said, “What? He should be off of that already!”

    Okay, granted, he was already 3 1/2…lol!!

    But, every family, every child is different, yet we can all learn from each other! What may work for one family might not work for another!


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