bumps, bruises, O’my!!

Well you know you haven’t blogged lately when….your husband say’s I can’t believe you didn’t blog about “fill in the blank”…LOL

Our little house has been keeping pretty busy these days! Summer months tend to bring about chaotic schedules in our little piece of the world. Our days are filled with out door play, exploring, and fun. At the end of the day I am whipped (so are the kiddos) AMEN for 7:00 bedtimes!! With that all being said I will now….”fill in the blank”

K.Bear fell out of her crib.….or climbed we are not really sure!!

I was out visiting with a friend who just had a baby…and got that heart stopping phone call from my very panicked husband “K fell out of her crib”….

Me: Im coming…


Me: Handing back the newborn….Running like mad through the hospital to get home to my sweet little one….is she hurt? Does she have a bump?…. Does she need stitches? I knew we should have put that mattress down sooner…..(mothers guilt kicking in) I walk in the house to quiet (this is good…she stopped crying) Amazingly, thank God she is fine!!! Checking her over 1000 times….not a bump, not a bruise, nothing but a little cut on the top of her ear!! WOW!!

I might add Pumpkin climbed out of the same crib at 18 mo (on Mommy’s time) so I know that thump to the ground that my poor husband had playing through his head all night. A very helpless feeling indeed when your children get hurt. We have been so blessed with only minor bumps, bruises, and scrapes I pray it stays that way because this Mama who once wanted to be a nurse…LOL has over the years developed a phobia of hospitals (I am a complete germ-a-phobe) at all cost I would like to stear clear!!

So here’s to some SAFE, Fun filled Summer months!!


  1. mimi says:

    I agree…here’s to a safe summer.

    I can imagine how scared you must have been. I think one of my twins fell off the bed when they were younger. Always so scary. One of my boys got hit by a bat today…ugh!

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