Outside School

The weather in our little part of the world has been lovely and we have been enjoying every minute! Mommy especially loves the tired kiddos at the end of the day. We have not been doing much “school” (since Easter…really) anything we have done has been on the “fly”! We are starting our summer break you could say. Although, I do have plans to continue with school even in the summer months it will consist more of reading books, hands on learning outside, and field trips! A bit less structured than usual…..

We enjoyed our first picnic with some friends at a near by park. This was great the kids all brought their bikes (of coarse they all wanted to eat as soon as we got there)! The park had lots of shade and plenty to do.

K.Bear soaking up some vit. D in the back yard (she just looked so darn cute…I had to snap a picture)
Near by our house we have an outdoor mall (it is very pretty) I took the girls to play and then we got K.Bears ears pierced (check out Loving Motherhood) for more on that 🙂 The play area is all healthy foods and a pumping heart that makes noise when you climb on it. Some “health education” at its finest!

O.k so it hasn’t been all physical activity we really have been reading too!! Or should I say “eating books”

What are your plans for the Summer? Will you be continuing with school or taking a break? I would love to hear all about it!

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