You are the Gift

Are your children cuddle bugs?

Some of mine are and some are most definitely not {take note K.Bear is missing from the picture}. With four children it always amazes me to see just how very different they are. Similarities for sure but the same no way. With each turn of the key a new adventure is just waiting to be discovered.

 I would never want my children to be the same as each one brings about something different, special, and unique to our family table. As for all of the unknown adventures lying behind the door; I trust God has a special plan, and it is simply my calling to mother my children the best I know how.

As we prepare for our sweet baby boy {scooters} first birthday tomorrow. I’m reminded just how different things can be. When we had our oldest nearly 8 years ago we invited everyone we knew to the party, we celebrated, ate dinner, enjoyed cake, and all was well. What changed?

We got wiser! 

Four kids later the party is now broke into ‘3‘ mini ones allowing those who we love to share ample time with our sweet boy. The fuss of it all is toned down and the gift giving/receiving is at a minimum. It is the sharing, loving, and reflecting on this special day that make it memorable. It’s not the gifts, cards received, and the company by the 100’s. It’s not the money spent, the hours spent preparing, or the location. It is about celebrating “the gift“! 
The gift of you!


In this case we will be celebrating a tiny cuddler. A boy loved dearly by his siblings; adored by his parents, and an all around blessing our family. Happy Birthday sweet “baby James” {Note; that is not his name…that is simply the name big brother; Mr.Smiles calls him.}

Join me at my friend Crystal’s place as we take you “Behind the Scenes

The Last

 It’s Friday…

That mean’s I’m breathing a bit easier knowing the week is drawing to an end. This weekend I will be spending some quality time with my hubby, my oldest {Pumpkin} and my baby {Stinker/Scooter…depending on my mood}. While, my middle two monkey’s enjoy some grandparent time. This weekend is the little kid grandparent weekend; a zoo trip, swimming, and other memory making moments are in store for my sweet babes. I will be praying for fun and safety on all accounts; and praying for a memory filled weekend in your homes as well.

Today is also the day I link up with some super women and join in a community like no other; its Five Minute Friday.

Today is where the pen meets the paper and all you do is write. You write for five minutes on a given prompt. No worries about what people will think, no grammar fears, no extreme editing; it is a time to brush up on your skills and dig in a bit deeper.  It is a community like no other and we want you to join the party #FMFparty. Join me at the home Lisa-JoBaker has created for us kindred spirits. 

Today’s prompt; Last 

Is it time? I should know, right? This is my fourth.

The contractions come and seem consistent but who has time to watch a clock? There is shopping to be done for goodness sake {everyone goes to the fruit market in labor} and walks to be had. I have three other sweet babes counting on me; two giggling girls eager to ride their bikes and a tough, tumbling, toddler boy riding in his chariot. 

Should I call the grandparents; and grab the hospital bags? No, I will press on…

Contractions grow closer and stronger…or are they? I sit and they stop {annoying} and stand and they are 2 minutes apart..what is this? This is not like the last..

Each time a bit different than the previous but the same miraculous event none the less.

I am is time. My heart divided as I walk away from my other three babes to welcome another. A bumpy, construction filled drive, a warm face looking so familiar as we enter the room. Surely, I know her…it is my team! Yes, I have a team that welcomed all of my sweet little ones. A team like no other; a husband so strong, a mid-wife so calming, a sister most just dream of , and a nurse {the familiar face} a gentle soul amidst the chaos. 

Everything in place, a positive group B diagnosis demands a bag of antibiotics to be administered at full speed as time is of the essence; 8, 9, 10…

I’ve got this! Breathing, focused, and pressing on…it is time! Time to welcome the last…

Mr.Smiles 3rd Birthday

It is hard to believe that Mr.Smiles is ‘3’ today!  
Mr.Smiles is still such a joy. He has great personality and a super disposition. He is always jumping at the opportunity to make someone laugh or put a smile on their face; a ‘ham it up’ kind of kid. He is super affectionate; full of butterfly kisses, nose rubs, squeezes, and cuddles. He loves to be in the kitchen with mommy (he even helped make his gluten free/dairy free butter cream cupcakes). Most days he is obsessing over the garbage man, trains, fire trucks, or horses. His imagination is out of this world. A creative style with a punch of spunk. I have no doubt Mr. Smiles future is bright and that God has great plans for my sweet little boy!  I am so blessed to be his mom and watch all his ‘dreams’ unravel before our very eyes.
Happy, happy birthday to my favorite ‘3’ year old!! Love you to the moon and back buddy!

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