The Last

 It’s Friday…

That mean’s I’m breathing a bit easier knowing the week is drawing to an end. This weekend I will be spending some quality time with my hubby, my oldest {Pumpkin} and my baby {Stinker/Scooter…depending on my mood}. While, my middle two monkey’s enjoy some grandparent time. This weekend is the little kid grandparent weekend; a zoo trip, swimming, and other memory making moments are in store for my sweet babes. I will be praying for fun and safety on all accounts; and praying for a memory filled weekend in your homes as well.

Today is also the day I link up with some super women and join in a community like no other; its Five Minute Friday.

Today is where the pen meets the paper and all you do is write. You write for five minutes on a given prompt. No worries about what people will think, no grammar fears, no extreme editing; it is a time to brush up on your skills and dig in a bit deeper.  It is a community like no other and we want you to join the party #FMFparty. Join me at the home Lisa-JoBaker has created for us kindred spirits. 

Today’s prompt; Last 

Is it time? I should know, right? This is my fourth.

The contractions come and seem consistent but who has time to watch a clock? There is shopping to be done for goodness sake {everyone goes to the fruit market in labor} and walks to be had. I have three other sweet babes counting on me; two giggling girls eager to ride their bikes and a tough, tumbling, toddler boy riding in his chariot. 

Should I call the grandparents; and grab the hospital bags? No, I will press on…

Contractions grow closer and stronger…or are they? I sit and they stop {annoying} and stand and they are 2 minutes apart..what is this? This is not like the last..

Each time a bit different than the previous but the same miraculous event none the less.

I am is time. My heart divided as I walk away from my other three babes to welcome another. A bumpy, construction filled drive, a warm face looking so familiar as we enter the room. Surely, I know her…it is my team! Yes, I have a team that welcomed all of my sweet little ones. A team like no other; a husband so strong, a mid-wife so calming, a sister most just dream of , and a nurse {the familiar face} a gentle soul amidst the chaos. 

Everything in place, a positive group B diagnosis demands a bag of antibiotics to be administered at full speed as time is of the essence; 8, 9, 10…

I’ve got this! Breathing, focused, and pressing on…it is time! Time to welcome the last…

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