The Merry-Go-Round of Life

Round and round we go; its funny how life on earth is sort of like a merry-go-round. We ride the ride; up and down, round and round we go. We hold on tight and don’t let go. Well, that is until the ride comes to a complete stop.
Did you enjoy your ride; or are you left with regret? 
Lately, I am finding myself in a constant push and pull oppose to the constant up and down motion we readily expect in life. These past few weeks I have had several ‘behind the scenes’ projects/dreams coming to surface. I have been up crazy late and up way to early just to get it all done. The push until I can’t any more and the pull; is this what I’m suppose to be doing? 
I was giving up writing; I was closing my blogs, I was hanging up my ‘mom blogger’ hat. How did I possibly go from wanting to delete every social media everything to this? 
What am I doing? What am I being called to do? Is it write? Is it minister to others? Is it mentor? 
Truth be told, I do not know fully what is in store , but what I do know is there are big things happening. When we say ‘yes’ and don’t throw in the towel; like we so often have a tendency to do. We shut the doors before they fully open. We jump off when things get hard. We find ourselves regretting, confused, and frustrated as a result.
Well, this time friends this girls going to keep ‘pushing’ forward because i know in the end it will lead to an ‘upward’ motion of achievement. The ‘push’ is hard and the ‘pull’ is sometimes the hardest. It is a juggle and a struggle and one I could do without. In the end the merry-go-round keeps spinning all the while. It doesn’t stop so you can jump off whenever you please. There is a set time for you to exit and until the final ‘bell’ sounds. You will ‘push’ because you believe ‘you’ are capable of more! Sit, dream, and DO!

Like a weed…

The saying they are “growing like a weed”…have you ever taken the time to really think about that saying? Well, if you have ever seen behind my garage there are tons of weeds (raspberry plants too!) and they grow very quickly. In referring to our children that too is a very true statement. Their little minds are learning, questioning, and exploring new things everyday. We have had quite a few firsts around here so I thought I would share;

A now knows her address, who the president is, and her right foot from her left 🙂

K rolls over front to back, back to front, and over, and over, she blows raspberries, is still working on those teeth, and even tried carrots for the first time yesterday!!

So keep nurturing your little weeds because sooner than later they will be in the “real world” mixed with a bunch of other weeds. Our job as parents is to see that they succeed, stand tall, and believe in themselves all things are possible.