Like a weed…

The saying they are “growing like a weed”…have you ever taken the time to really think about that saying? Well, if you have ever seen behind my garage there are tons of weeds (raspberry plants too!) and they grow very quickly. In referring to our children that too is a very true statement. Their little minds are learning, questioning, and exploring new things everyday. We have had quite a few firsts around here so I thought I would share;

A now knows her address, who the president is, and her right foot from her left 🙂

K rolls over front to back, back to front, and over, and over, she blows raspberries, is still working on those teeth, and even tried carrots for the first time yesterday!!

So keep nurturing your little weeds because sooner than later they will be in the “real world” mixed with a bunch of other weeds. Our job as parents is to see that they succeed, stand tall, and believe in themselves all things are possible.

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