The Merry-Go-Round of Life

Round and round we go; its funny how life on earth is sort of like a merry-go-round. We ride the ride; up and down, round and round we go. We hold on tight and don’t let go. Well, that is until the ride comes to a complete stop.
Did you enjoy your ride; or are you left with regret? 
Lately, I am finding myself in a constant push and pull oppose to the constant up and down motion we readily expect in life. These past few weeks I have had several ‘behind the scenes’ projects/dreams coming to surface. I have been up crazy late and up way to early just to get it all done. The push until I can’t any more and the pull; is this what I’m suppose to be doing? 
I was giving up writing; I was closing my blogs, I was hanging up my ‘mom blogger’ hat. How did I possibly go from wanting to delete every social media everything to this? 
What am I doing? What am I being called to do? Is it write? Is it minister to others? Is it mentor? 
Truth be told, I do not know fully what is in store , but what I do know is there are big things happening. When we say ‘yes’ and don’t throw in the towel; like we so often have a tendency to do. We shut the doors before they fully open. We jump off when things get hard. We find ourselves regretting, confused, and frustrated as a result.
Well, this time friends this girls going to keep ‘pushing’ forward because i know in the end it will lead to an ‘upward’ motion of achievement. The ‘push’ is hard and the ‘pull’ is sometimes the hardest. It is a juggle and a struggle and one I could do without. In the end the merry-go-round keeps spinning all the while. It doesn’t stop so you can jump off whenever you please. There is a set time for you to exit and until the final ‘bell’ sounds. You will ‘push’ because you believe ‘you’ are capable of more! Sit, dream, and DO!