Watch Me Grow 5/6 weeks

 6 Weeks already!! Good news…I also think I have finally settled on a ‘blogger name’ up until now I have been referring to the little guy as ‘peanut’ (which is sort of false advertising since I can pretty much guarantee he is pushing 12 lbs) but without further ado meet “Mr. Smiles”!! As his personality comes out more and more each day….this boy loves to smile 🙂

We have been busy taking big sister Pumpkin to swim lessons M-F for the past 2 weeks…quite the commitment I might add!! She did awesome and is now a level ‘2’!! She loves to practice in Nonna and Papa’s pool. Below Papa is teaching Pumpkin how to float…Mommy can’t even do that one 🙂 K.Bear and Mr. Smiles were very, very good through all the lessons. K.Bear ate snacks and enjoyed playing in the baby pool…while Mr. Smiles slept or just enjoyed the warm breeze off of the lake. The weather has been ridiculously hot these days 90’s with near 100% humidity, yuck!!!

I’m seeing blond? Blond hair that is if you look closely you can see a few wispy hairs on my bald baby’s head 🙂 My children rarely have hair before they are two!!

Mr. Smiles attended his first wedding for a 2nd cousin of his.

He was such a good boy….nursed..slept…smiled..nursed..slept….”Thanks for not getting us kicked out of there little guy”!! We were home by 10:30PM (real party animals I know..) he was all tuckered out at the end and slept until 3:00AM
5 weeks old…Mr. Smiles enjoyed his first over night stay on the boat!! He did quite well all things considered. There isn’t quite anything like a rocking boat and some fresh air to make a baby sleep!!
This picture is for Daddy the “Miss Geico” boat makes Daddy drool with excitement!!

Those are some big blue eyes after a nice warm bath!! Mr. Smiles loves bath time …and mommy loves the smell of a nice clean baby 🙂

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