Random Tot School/Preschool

Amazing, December is here….and the Christmas hustle and bustle is well under way in our home! It is funny how once the craziness began I stopped blogging (again). I admire the people that blog daily because I surely don’t know how they do it! Someday?! The blogging may have halted for a bit but the fun and pictures surely have not. Mr. Smiles is blowing me away with his skills and abilities (3rd baby?) he plays pretend with his sisters, paints, colors, FINALLY sleeps through the night (18 months), enjoys play doh, and loves doing school with his Momma!

 K.Bear is learning to write/trace, her ABC’s, #’s, size, shapes, and colors. Her interest in workbooks and handwriting is quite impressive for a 3 year old (especially one whom can’t usually sit still for more than 5 seconds). It is a joy to work with her and watch her grow each day by leaps and bounds.


We are still working on eliminating the “paci” but I know the time will come. The truth is, I think it bothers others more than it bugs us 🙂 yes, she’s “3” but she was nearly potty trained at “1” stubborn = “ABSOLUTELY!” All will be done on her own time….I/we are still leaning that is just the way she rolls!! In the mean time practicing daily “patience” in dealing with the “struggles” of having such a very extreme (spirited) child can be draining. I rest assured knowing it is her way or the highway and no one will ever sway her mind differently. 

K.Bear’s other new love is “ABA” patterns!! (take note of the paci…haha)


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