Get to “Re-know Us!”

The girls have been having a blast with all of our Advent activities….I printed these super super cute ornaments and put them up on our “Advent Tree”. Printed on the backside of each ornament is a “fun” activity* which we do that particular day/night; anything from “Root Beer Float Night” to making a Paper Chain Christmas count down. We are having a blast this holiday season and are so glad to share it!!

K.Bear is enjoying a new found “independence” at the ripe age of 2yrs 4 mo…I said it once, I said it “100x’s” this girl is going to light the world on fire. She is a little ball of energy, a sweet sole, with a spunky attitude, and truly our family comedian. On any given day she can be found climbing dressers, making her independence known “Me Do It!”, playing babies, playing dress up, or just showcasing her pearly whites.

Pumpkin is busy at work on her Christmas cards…Miss. Inquisitive, the perfectionist, the organizer, our first born leader…this girl is destine to be in politics and/or law with her arguing skills!!

And, the newest member to our homeschool Mr. Smiles officially makes his debut…..I love this boy!! His smile (although not in this picture) can light up a room. His mind is always going, he loves his sisters, and is typically full of giggles and grins…O’ how I am blessed. I have been caught saying “I would have a fourth” if I could guarantee a boy..  don’t hold your breath on that one though!!

I think some of my favorite things about having children is the ability to watch them learn, grown, and excite in the littlest things…for instance the 5 snow flakes (o.k maybe a few more that that) falling from the sky. There is nothing better than walking outside hearing your “5” yr old say “Mommy I’m catching snow on my tongue” sweet!! These little moments make me appreciate them for the little sponges they are!!

We have also implemented “The Elf on a Shelf” in our home. Our Elf’s name is “Critter” …not sure why, but that is what the girls decided on. He watches over them during the day and reports back to the “Big Man in the North Pole” at night. K.Bear does not fully “get-it”…but their excitement each morning finding “Critter” is priceless.

St.Nicholas also visited our house December 6th…we placed our shoes outside on the front porch at night…and wouldn’t you know it …candy in the AM!! The girls enjoyed a “sweet surprise” for breakfast M&M’s, Smarties, and play tattoo’s?!

K.Bear with her sleepy little face was not quite sure what to think….but Smarties in hand, she was ready!! This girls is always ready (never leaving the house without a backpack packed..she is truly a Mommy in the making!!)
So, I know this was not exactly a “school” post but more of a “get to re-know us” post… know that we have lots to share..and are excited to see what the future holds. We are getting bigger each day, learning more, and exploring together is what we do best!!

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