Advent Kick Off

Last week we kicked off our advent count down with lots of fun activities.We attended our cities tree lighting ceremony..complete with reindeer, hot coco, donuts, and Santa.

 K.Bear enjoyed her donut before bed! She had little interest in the hot chocolate,but did send Mommy on a mad mission to find a drinking fountain. Since I have a phobia of them I of coarse grabbed a cup to fill!
Mr.Smiles had about 8 layers covering him and was in a frozen state of “awww” !!

We live in a great city with wonderful friends and neighbors (although I would still love to live in the country) there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t see, play, or hang out with someone in the area. So of coarse we ran into friends at the tree lighting ceremony and had our own little ‘group’. The girls even spotted a “Santa star”? A star in the sky they both agreed was Santa’s sleigh. And wouldn’t you know it when Santa arrived to the city we looked in the sky and the star was gone!! What a great testimony to a child’s imagination and appreciating the little things in life. 

Pumpkin had the honor this year to help Mommy decorate the tree. She was thrilled to stay up later than the little ones. I was pleasantly surprised by the great job she did!! She is now looking forward to our sleepover under the tree on December 23rd.

This picture is a bit dark..but we really are in it!! The decorating committee (Mommy, Pumpkin, and Teddy)

We have two trees in our home a real tree (above) and an artificial one we put in the basement (below). I grew up having two trees so this is nothing out of the ordinary for me. There was the entertaining tree and the “Santa Tree” and yes, the entertaining tree would be in the room where the kids were the least.  Growing up this was in our living room… the room of pristine cleanliness…the room of look don’t touch. Now, having 3 little ones myself I find great comfort in those little “home” get a ways..I love my kids dearly, but love my space too!! In our home now, that is our basement!!

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