Our Minivan Express

Tickets..Tickets Please!!

Last night our “Minivan Express” took off with our “3 little monkeys”. We ate an early dinner and while I got the kids ready for bed Daddy prepared a snack of caramel/cheese pop corn and had tickets ready to give the girls for their entry onto the “Minivan Express”. All the while, the van was warming up, Christmas music playing, sippy cups of water, and glow bracelets sitting on their car seats!!

“All Aboard,” the conductor cried out!!!


Pop corn in hands, smiling faces, giggles, and grins…we were off to look at Christmas lights!!

Here was my attempt at “capturing..the moment”…Lights aglow…trees trimmed…and creating memories!

Now, I will not let you think that it was all “fun” and no drama out of 3 kids under 5… The Minivan Express racing North bound…to the sound of “PeePee Mommy”…”I have to go too”….”Oooo, look at those lights..this is fun right?!” I should also not leave out the screaming 6 month old that luckily saved it for when we arrived home!! Once, we were home…the baby was fed… and the girls went potty. It was then, that we settled in on the couch to read the “Polar Express” (the movie playing in the background..of coarse) and the Hot Cocoa was cooking on the stove.

So yes, stressful at moments but overall the kids had a lot of fun!! I can only hope that they will remember this next year when we do it all over again!! Until then….”Though I’ve grown old, the bell still rings for me as it does for all who truly believe.” Merry Christmas!!

Get your Tickets! (compliments of my dear friend Andi)

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