Finger Print Tree Painting

We have been busy decorating our house in homemade Fall decor these days…our once empty looking front window, door, and other surrounding areas are taking on a new, improved, and ‘made with love’ feel. K.Bear is waiting patiently to ‘dive’ into the paint for our “Finger Print Tree Painting”…join us as we get a bit messy!

 The girls were in deep thought as they dipped their tiny fingers in the cool paint. The rich red, yellow, and orange colors were almost as beautiful as the real trees outside. We enjoyed our science refresher coarse on why the leaves change color…to ‘feed’ the tree for its upcoming hibernation during the winter months ahead.

I’m always a fan of any project that may involve my kiddos little prints!

And if you should try to do a similar project with your “wee ones” maybe you will get as lucky as me and have a little one whose hand looks like this…

Or maybe one that looks like this…. look closely at the tint of orange on his lips! We don’t bust out the paint very often in our house but when we do it is always a hit and the kids love it. I close my eyes at the mess and we enjoy the messy memories that are being made together….

For your tree printable visit HERE

Grab your kids, some paint, and have fun!

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