The Story of Doors

So often we here the saying as “one door closes another will soon open”….well for the first time EVER that is my thinking. Some of you may know I have been writing for our beloved city for the past 10 months. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and had a great response to my writing as a result. What a confidence booster knowing so many lives have been changed, helped, and supported along the way. Just through my writing. Who would have thought? In having been given this opportunity I have also come to love and stumble upon a gift that I have in fact been given. The gift of writing!

Yesterday, I received a phone call from my editorial stating that “things are changing as a result of some cooperate decisions and unfortunately my column will be no longer”. Ugh! Bummer…He also said “there was never a question of content, deadlines, or ability” “if it were up to me I would be keeping you on” yay! Go me!

None, the less…now what? I thought..prayed..and prayed some more about this last night and have decided to continue writing (of coarse) for anyone who might like to read it..hahaha! I love all of you who do (and those who don’”ll likely never see this) hehehe

That can fully expect to find more of my “writing” here as I make a “re-newed” commitment to my own beloved blog(s)

You might also note that my once “Loving Motherhood” title has also been changed

to “Ministry of Parenting” as I still love being a mother (of course) I have also found great peace in know that I am “serving” others in their similar journeys. The rewards and struggles of parenting are great; as we go forth new doors may open and others may close. Although the “unknown” is still to be found somethings are for certain; we will continue to walk hand in hand in our “journey”  being the best we can be to our child/children each step of the way.

Be sure to follow me on the (right) as I will not always be posting to FB 🙂 and I love seeing your smiling faces on my “followers” list!

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