Baby #4…Weeks 14-30

So here I am just shy of 30 weeks along with baby #4. I feel great and certainly can’t complain. The first 14 weeks of this pregnancy I felt nauseous 24/7 (that was something new…I don’t care to do again). The only thing that kept the gagging at bay was chewing gum CONSTANTLY!! Not good for someone with TMJ issues I might add.

 I have gained 15 lbs (exact same as I did with the other 3 at this time), I’m having crazy contractions (nothing terrible), walking like a crazy lady, chasing the kids, boating, and doing all the things I love to do!

 My game plan wait for baby, enjoy the little kicks (O.K some are big), welcome our new little one sometime in August to our fun/loving family, and keep on trucking on this road of motherhood! One minor detail…have umbilical hernia surgery sometime next Feb/March 2013 thanks to my loving babies 🙂 should be a hoot with 4 kids under 7!! Dear, Lord! We will survive? Won’t we?

14 weeks preggers…

19 weeks pregnant Mommy

Baby #4 (19 weeks)

It’s a boy!

30 weeks…who’s counting?

In An Instant finally hit me last night as I lay there quietly putting Pumpkin to bed!! “In An Instant” that is what I will call my blog entry!! I have pondered about how to best write this blog entry for weeks. Finally ,God put it in my heart or maybe it was “finally” I started listening again?

As I lay there so still and quiet..the thoughts came running like water. How quickly our lives change “In An Instant” we hit bumps in the road, whip around sharp curves, and if we’re lucky steer clear of those ever famous pot holes!! Well, at least that is how my life works.

6 weeks ago I thought..”hmmm I should take a pregnancy test” I have only had 2 cycles since I had K.Bear in August of 2008 so this was not out of the norm for me. I had a dollar store test sitting in the closet pulled it out “just in case” and yep, you guessed it 2 lines, clear as day, “O’my” how could this be? Shock, absolutely!! I know how babies are made this is after all 3rd!! Although, I had always dreamed of 4 the more life turned into reality 2 just seemed like “that’s it”!! Well, apparently God had different plans for our family than even we knew. That’s it “In An Instant” my life as “Pumpkin and K.Bear’s Mommy” changed to mommy of “3”!!

Life hands us opportunities and challenges all in which we are to “trust”!! I think it is safe for me to officially say that I have finally adapted to the idea that “yes, I am pregnant”. Going from dizzy vertigo spells, to shingles, to being pregnant…this has really been hard for me to swallow!!! I just kept saying “what is God thinking?” A very good friend of mine said it best “God does give us more than we can handle so we put our “trust” in him”!!