Baby #4…Weeks 14-30

So here I am just shy of 30 weeks along with baby #4. I feel great and certainly can’t complain. The first 14 weeks of this pregnancy I felt nauseous 24/7 (that was something new…I don’t care to do again). The only thing that kept the gagging at bay was chewing gum CONSTANTLY!! Not good for someone with TMJ issues I might add.

 I have gained 15 lbs (exact same as I did with the other 3 at this time), I’m having crazy contractions (nothing terrible), walking like a crazy lady, chasing the kids, boating, and doing all the things I love to do!

 My game plan wait for baby, enjoy the little kicks (O.K some are big), welcome our new little one sometime in August to our fun/loving family, and keep on trucking on this road of motherhood! One minor detail…have umbilical hernia surgery sometime next Feb/March 2013 thanks to my loving babies 🙂 should be a hoot with 4 kids under 7!! Dear, Lord! We will survive? Won’t we?

14 weeks preggers…

19 weeks pregnant Mommy

Baby #4 (19 weeks)

It’s a boy!

30 weeks…who’s counting?

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  1. April Maus says:

    you look so good Jen! I hope you all are doing great and enjoying the summer before baby #4 arrives! I can’t wait to meet the newest baby boy!! So happy for you!

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