Letters to Our Daughters; A Letter Worth Reading


It’s been a month since our physical move and yes, I’m slowly making my way back to this space (notice the new URL) . So please pardon the dust as I am doing a bit of ‘blog spring cleaning’.

I’ve wanted to come back to this space and write for sometime but haven’t been able to find the words to do so. My motivation has been low, my attitude has been bad, and well, today is the day I’m finally jumping back into the blogosphere linking up with Brooke over at Bye, Comparison and accepting a little blog ‘challenge’ from my dear friend Crystal – I’m joining these lovelies and writing a letter about worth to my daughters…

Nearly 9 1/2 years ago I quit my job to stay at home with our little bundle of pink cuteness. I still can’t think of anywhere else I would rather have been at that time; other than with her. The days were long but, I was so very blessed. There were diaper changes, walks to the park, cuddles, snuggles, books to be read, and hours upon hours of bonding. I was so in love-

Then, something changed – the ‘norms‘ of today’s society and the cultural expectations of women took a hold of my heart strings. My once felt feelings of bliss quickly turned sour. Although, I was (and still am) so grateful to be home with our baby (quickly followed by babies two, three, and four) it has at times seemed as if my personal worth was deflating with each passing day spent at home.

Sure, the constant juggling act of raising four kids, being a wife, and homeschooling keeps me on my toes but, I still frequently feel the pressure of society to work outside the home; you know, bring in a paycheck, help with finances, have a title, dress up, and ‘be important‘. With all of this said – what is it that measures worth?

Is it the number of diapers changed in a day?

The number of home cooked meals?

A degree earned?

Or is it bringing in a pay check and sitting in a corporate chair?

Isn’t being a Godly wife and mother worth something?

Sure, well meaning friends, family, and total strangers are quick to tell you that staying home is the hardest job on earth or that being a homeschool mom IS a job – but, do they really mean it?

I struggle- everyday! I struggle with the voices in my head telling me what I “should be doing ….” but, are the voices real or simply that of a culture that has gone astray? Who am I? And more importantly who has God made me to become?

I am after all worthy and so are you!

Dear Sweet Girls,

My wish for you in this life is to find the strength within to fight life’s battles – so dear child, choose your battles wisely as there are many along the way.

Dream as big as the mountains and may mankind never hold you back from doing great things for His kingdom – may you always remember to stop often and help others who may have gone astray.

Love deeply, love unconditionally, and ask for forgiveness often.

May your life’s journey be filled with adventure – as your life’s worth will not simply be measured by that which you reap but, rather what you have sewn along the way.

May the works of your hand sew seeds of grace, gratitude, love, respect, integrity, purity, and respect each and every step.

Remember you are loved and your worth is not mearly measured by what you wear, the money you make, nor the sacrifices you have made along the way.

He has made you worthy! You are a child of God!

Your worth is in the journey and the ever lasting mark you will one day leave behind.

Love always, Mommy

Are you a mom who also struggles with staying home? Are you a mom who is trying to run your own home business or juggle the many hats of a working mom? Then stick around – there is a lot more coming from this writing ‘well’.


Motherhood; A Race Worth Running

I don’t know about you, but there are times I just fall right off the meal planning train. You know that good intentioned printed sheet with food items scheduled to make and eat each day. Sometimes, my best efforts to plan still end in failure and that’s OK. I think?

However, as my loving husband put it “I hit an all time domestic low. ” Uh-oh! What did I do?  Do you want to guess? 
 I sent him to work with a can of soup. Nope, it wasn’t homemade. There was no fancy sandwich and no spectacular dinner left overs. The soup was organic and gluten free but none the less my lack of planning officially has caught up to me. Good thing for Gods grace and an understanding husband. 
The truth is life sometimes just gets crazy, we get tired, and well, sometimes we just don’t want to do it. We don’t want to shop, cook, clean, teach, or do work: but, we do it regardless.
It is these moments I am reminded to “embrace my calling” as a mother. The services I provide to my family, my attitude, and my perseverance to run this race that so many mothers have run before me, really does matter. 

What is My Calling? A Call to Motherhood

After a little refueling break I am back. You may notice some changes going on around the sight as I hope to make all of the information on here more organized for you the reader.

A Call To Motherhood - Little Did I Know 2 Years Later...

Embracing Your Call to Motherhood

Motherhood, the very thing I dreamt of all my life….how is it that I have struggled so much with the very thing I’ve always thought was my sole calling?

Over the past several weeks I have enjoyed hours of family time, did some soul searching, goal making, and yes, even contemplated shutting down this blog.

Shortly before the holidays blogging seemed to become more of a task than something I enjoyed and it was then that I knew a change needed to occur. Through quiet prayer, a pad of paper, and time things have started to become very clear. My one word 365 “focus” has served as my main prioritizing tool. I am learning to sift through the things that are important to me and I have begun to embrace my call to motherhood.  Do you know your calling? Are you a mom who is struggling with a “mom identity” crisis?

I have not worked outside the home in nearly 9 years (with the exception of a few cleaning/babysitting/organizing and writing gigs). With those few exceptions my place has been primarily in the home and this has not been easy for me to accept. I have longed to contribute more to the family financially. I have struggled with fear of judgement and having the identity of being “just a mom”.

The truth is, I’m really not “just a mom” and neither are you! Mom’s are the anchor in a household. You are the glue that holds your house together and the oil that keeps things running smoothly. Although, working outside the home may/may not add another identity or title to your name what I’ve learned is that it’s simply not for me. While working outside the home is not bad it is simply not my calling at this given time; while, being the keeper of my home most certainly is.

I am here to create the best homestead I possibly can with what gifts I have been given.

Although, I dream of living in the country; sitting on a large porch lined with rocking chairs waiting for stories to be told, a few chickens, a tree lined property, a red barn, and a garden large enough to sustain our family of six. It is only then that I am quickly reminded for now my canvas is 1000 sq ft ranch in the city. It is the foundation which all else will be built upon and it is my calling to make it my happy homestead. 


A Call To Motherhood - Little Did I Know 2 Years Later...

2 years later – little did I know we would move to the country, have chickens, a garden, and I would have my own business. Life is always full of surprises  to say the least – sometimes when we are at our lowest it’s simply just not our time.

I have some really exciting things in in store for all of you…so if you haven’t done so already be sure to sign up for The Homestead Daily {it’s FREE} I guarantee if you have ever struggled to find peace where your at, struggled with the work/life balance, or if you have ever dreamt of pursue something different your not going to want to miss out!

Let’s start building together. What is your calling? 

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