Letters to Our Daughters; A Letter Worth Reading


It’s been a month since our physical move and yes, I’m slowly making my way back to this space (notice the new URL) . So please pardon the dust as I am doing a bit of ‘blog spring cleaning’.

I’ve wanted to come back to this space and write for sometime but haven’t been able to find the words to do so. My motivation has been low, my attitude has been bad, and well, today is the day I’m finally jumping back into the blogosphere linking up with Brooke over at Bye, Comparison and accepting a little blog ‘challenge’ from my dear friend Crystal – I’m joining these lovelies and writing a letter about worth to my daughters…

Nearly 9 1/2 years ago I quit my job to stay at home with our little bundle of pink cuteness. I still can’t think of anywhere else I would rather have been at that time; other than with her. The days were long but, I was so very blessed. There were diaper changes, walks to the park, cuddles, snuggles, books to be read, and hours upon hours of bonding. I was so in love-

Then, something changed – the ‘norms‘ of today’s society and the cultural expectations of women took a hold of my heart strings. My once felt feelings of bliss quickly turned sour. Although, I was (and still am) so grateful to be home with our baby (quickly followed by babies two, three, and four) it has at times seemed as if my personal worth was deflating with each passing day spent at home.

Sure, the constant juggling act of raising four kids, being a wife, and homeschooling keeps me on my toes but, I still frequently feel the pressure of society to work outside the home; you know, bring in a paycheck, help with finances, have a title, dress up, and ‘be important‘. With all of this said – what is it that measures worth?

Is it the number of diapers changed in a day?

The number of home cooked meals?

A degree earned?

Or is it bringing in a pay check and sitting in a corporate chair?

Isn’t being a Godly wife and mother worth something?

Sure, well meaning friends, family, and total strangers are quick to tell you that staying home is the hardest job on earth or that being a homeschool mom IS a job – but, do they really mean it?

I struggle- everyday! I struggle with the voices in my head telling me what I “should be doing ….” but, are the voices real or simply that of a culture that has gone astray? Who am I? And more importantly who has God made me to become?

I am after all worthy and so are you!

Dear Sweet Girls,

My wish for you in this life is to find the strength within to fight life’s battles – so dear child, choose your battles wisely as there are many along the way.

Dream as big as the mountains and may mankind never hold you back from doing great things for His kingdom – may you always remember to stop often and help others who may have gone astray.

Love deeply, love unconditionally, and ask for forgiveness often.

May your life’s journey be filled with adventure – as your life’s worth will not simply be measured by that which you reap but, rather what you have sewn along the way.

May the works of your hand sew seeds of grace, gratitude, love, respect, integrity, purity, and respect each and every step.

Remember you are loved and your worth is not mearly measured by what you wear, the money you make, nor the sacrifices you have made along the way.

He has made you worthy! You are a child of God!

Your worth is in the journey and the ever lasting mark you will one day leave behind.

Love always, Mommy

Are you a mom who also struggles with staying home? Are you a mom who is trying to run your own home business or juggle the many hats of a working mom? Then stick around – there is a lot more coming from this writing ‘well’.



  1. Uncle Tom L Jenkins says:


    That is a very Beautiful Blog you wrote. I read every word of it Beautiful. You can tell you put your Heart and Soul in it all the way. I really think you could write these kind of Blogs
    for the Right Company and get paid for this Special Gift you have. I don’t know where but I would go online and find a number of Companies who will pay for Great Blogs and send each one of them a copy of your Blogs. This is not something everyone can do it does require a very Special Gift to do this. Jenny You have that Special Gift so why not get paid for it. Then Your Own Prayer is Answered while helping others have a better Day:)

    Special Prayers are being sent that you do find the right Company for your Blogs.
    Always Remember it is all about the numbers the more NO’s you hear the closer
    you are to the Yes.

    As Always Wishing you the and your the Family the Very Best!

    My Wish for you is that this does Come True For YOU 🙂

    Love You Always Uncle Tom & Aunt Pam

    Tell Ed and the kids we said Hi:)

    • Jenny Irvine says:

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am truly blessed to have a family that supports me. This journey of writing is certainly not easy but, it is one I come back to time and time again. Your words of encouragement truly mean the world – I so often want to quit but, for some reason keep coming back. I too hope that on this journey I can help someone along the way and maybe make a few bucks too…like you said “Always Remember it is all about the numbers the more NO’s you hear the closer
      you are to the Yes.” Quitting will never get us anywhere – we have to keep on -keeping on!! Much Love, Jenny

  2. Brooke Knipp says:

    Jenny, I’m so happy you found you’re way back to blogging. It’s nice to “meet” you and hear your heart for your kids, and your wise, loving words for them (and all of us!). I’m looking forward to reading more from you 🙂
    p.s. Will you link from my post, too, so others can find this letter of yours?

    • Jenny Irvine says:

      Thanks Brooke, all linked up now 😉 it was really weird when I first wrote it the other day the link to the “party” wasn’t there so I linked in your comments only…now its all set the ‘right’ way…thanks again for your kind words of encouragement.

  3. Robin Alcini says:

    Hi Jenny, I am so glad to see you back, you are a true inspiration. We met a while back, I first worked with your mom and now work with your dad. I was a stay at home mom for years and also home schooled by youngest. Never belittle what you do. But I understand how you feel. Hold onto your self esteem. I am now a working Grandma trying to help her working daughters/moms while working herself and constantly feel overwhelmed, wishing I could do more. I also recently moved as you did and somehow cannot seem to get organized since the move. I find your blog uplifting, informational and inspiring. What you are doing is the most important job in the world and should be your priority. But we all have choices to make. I think you have chosen well. Don’t be so hard on yourself, and if you need help with things, ask for it. We “stay at home moms” thing we must “do it all!!”. No one can. As they say, “it takes a village”. Keep blogging, you do a great job.

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