A Change in Perspective

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” We ask this question to our young children; chuckling all the while knowing most 20,30,40,50 something’s still don’t know. 

What is your calling? What are your strengths? Or better yet, what dreams do you have? Chase those. Yes, the dreams that is. Know that you are made for more than 9-5:00; but, careful to not lose sight that your present ‘job‘ might just be the door to your next ‘calling‘. 

With every new experience we gain knowledge and with every closed door another opens. It is so easy to get swallowed by the ‘feel sorry for me monster‘ that dwells in each of us. The truth is you are a canvas intricately being painted by God. Him as the artist you as the masterpiece. Does this make you look at your goals a bit differently? Well, it has for me.

So often my days of Dr. Mom, teacher, chef, maid, police force, etc. left me dog tired at the end of the day and sort of empty. Although, hard to admit as rewarding as motherhood can be it is down right exhausting. Your hours are 24/7, your work often goes unappreciated, and society well, although quick to say “motherhood is the hardest job ever” quite frankly is not always so supportive. Women today are expected to “do it all“; work, maintain a home, be at school functions, volunteer, and run a small circus of activities in/outside the home. As a result for years I have felt like a failure. Although, I have always had a supportive husband and family; the voice of society weighed heavy on my mind. Then, something changed. What changed? Me! My perspective. 

My desire to wear fancy work clothes, have a ‘title‘, use my degree, and play household juggler no longer seem important. Other peoples opinions don’t either. So often, our own perspective is the very thing that kills our J.O.Y. I’m not a canvas looking for approval and neither are you. Finding contentment, acceptance, and support from sources outside ourselves inevitably leads to failure, depression, and frustration. Artists don’t make art imitating the work of others and I know God’s ultimate plan for me will be like none that have walked before. My “job” within the home although, not always glamorous is exactly where I’m suppose to be.

Accepting motherhood as a calling does not mean it is the very thing that will define you. It is not a final destination. It is rather, a stepping stone to building a future like no other. You are after all raising the next generation.

How is your perspective? What can you do differently to make it better?

I invite you to step off the excuse train and start building. Time is our most precious gift and the thing we waste the most. So, there’s no better time than today!

What is My Calling? A Call to Motherhood

After a little refueling break I am back. You may notice some changes going on around the sight as I hope to make all of the information on here more organized for you the reader.

A Call To Motherhood - Little Did I Know 2 Years Later...

Embracing Your Call to Motherhood

Motherhood, the very thing I dreamt of all my life….how is it that I have struggled so much with the very thing I’ve always thought was my sole calling?

Over the past several weeks I have enjoyed hours of family time, did some soul searching, goal making, and yes, even contemplated shutting down this blog.

Shortly before the holidays blogging seemed to become more of a task than something I enjoyed and it was then that I knew a change needed to occur. Through quiet prayer, a pad of paper, and time things have started to become very clear. My one word 365 “focus” has served as my main prioritizing tool. I am learning to sift through the things that are important to me and I have begun to embrace my call to motherhood.  Do you know your calling? Are you a mom who is struggling with a “mom identity” crisis?

I have not worked outside the home in nearly 9 years (with the exception of a few cleaning/babysitting/organizing and writing gigs). With those few exceptions my place has been primarily in the home and this has not been easy for me to accept. I have longed to contribute more to the family financially. I have struggled with fear of judgement and having the identity of being “just a mom”.

The truth is, I’m really not “just a mom” and neither are you! Mom’s are the anchor in a household. You are the glue that holds your house together and the oil that keeps things running smoothly. Although, working outside the home may/may not add another identity or title to your name what I’ve learned is that it’s simply not for me. While working outside the home is not bad it is simply not my calling at this given time; while, being the keeper of my home most certainly is.

I am here to create the best homestead I possibly can with what gifts I have been given.

Although, I dream of living in the country; sitting on a large porch lined with rocking chairs waiting for stories to be told, a few chickens, a tree lined property, a red barn, and a garden large enough to sustain our family of six. It is only then that I am quickly reminded for now my canvas is 1000 sq ft ranch in the city. It is the foundation which all else will be built upon and it is my calling to make it my happy homestead. 


A Call To Motherhood - Little Did I Know 2 Years Later...

2 years later – little did I know we would move to the country, have chickens, a garden, and I would have my own business. Life is always full of surprises  to say the least – sometimes when we are at our lowest it’s simply just not our time.

I have some really exciting things in in store for all of you…so if you haven’t done so already be sure to sign up for The Homestead Daily {it’s FREE} I guarantee if you have ever struggled to find peace where your at, struggled with the work/life balance, or if you have ever dreamt of pursue something different your not going to want to miss out!

Let’s start building together. What is your calling? 

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