Busy-bee 9 months

My lovable,totally squeezable, sweet baby boy is 9 months old. Busy-bee was truly the missing piece to our family. He completes us! He is an absolute joy and has a personality already much to be desired.
Growing up I always ‘dreamed’ of having 4 kids never really thinking for a second that it might actually happen. I now know my ‘dream’ of having 4 children was not something I simply thought up for myself but rather something God had planned long before my childbearing years. You know those dreams; the ones that sit etched in the back of our head just waiting for us to say “YES”. Yep, that is Busy-Bee!  He is everything and more than I could have ever dreamed of on my own. He is a true blessing from God himself and I am forever grateful my heart said “YES”.
Busy-bee loves his siblings. He amazes me daily with his ability to interact and ‘play’ along with them. Whether it is playing ‘kitchen’, Duplo-Legos, or just joining in the plain chaos of living in a big family you better believe he is in the middle of all the action. He also loves playing with his BFF homeschool friends. He doesn’t even entirely mind shopping quite yet.

He is my brown eyed and blond haired bouncing baby boy (not to be confused with his (almost 3yr old) green eyed/blond haired bundle of  sweet spunk brother. 
He say’s; Momma (the first one of my kids to say Momma first…way to warm a mothers heart), Dadda, bababa clapping, he signs ‘eat’, craws everywhere, stands like a champ, and laughs with the sweetest of snorts. Weighing in at a whopping 18 lbs (10-15% tile) and just barely cut his first tooth on June 3rd, 2013. 
His favorite foods are pears and spinach (really, spinach?) he must be my kid: a true health nut from the beginning!  Food is not his love language as he also appears to have some food sensitivities much like his older siblings. We trudge along none the less one ‘baby step’ at a time.

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